Cuckold Fantasy

I can hear her moans.  They’re faint but I can hear them between the loud hum of the air conditioning and the walls between us.  Just a few moments ago I watched my wife walk into our bedroom holding the hand of another man.  I saw the smile on her face that wasn’t for me as she closed the door.  She knew what was going to happen.  She knew what she was in for and she was excited.  My excitement might have been even higher.

I could hear them on the other side of the wall.  I could hear the way he shoved her body into it with a thud.  He was talking to her but not loud enough for me to hear.  She tells me she loves the way he talks to her.  It’s just the right amount of possessive and dirty that gets her wet.  He’s telling her that he can’t wait to fuck her and that he owns her pussy.  She just purrs for each word and gives herself to him.

It got quiet for a short while after that.  I thought it might be the end of my enjoyment until after when she tells me about every dirty, lurid detail as I jerk off in bed next to her.  It’s his pussy though, I’m not allowed to fuck it.  The closest I ever get to it is having my tongue hungrily licking at it and even that has been shut off lately.  She tells me about him and his body and his hands and how he fucked her better than she’s ever been fucked before.  My hand pumping my cock, closer and closer to an orgasm with every word.

That wasn’t it though.  The quiet was broken by a slapping.  A short break and then another sound of slapping.  The timing was consistent.  My cock was so hard.  I wanted to burst in the room and watch.  My wife was getting her ass slapped as she was being fucked.  He was spanking her and it was going on and on and she was loving it.

The spanking stopped soon after.  The sounds for my enjoyment did as well.  They were on the bed and fucking now.  He was inside of her and her legs were curled around his back and squeezing.  His amazing body was sweating along with hers as they fucked.  I sat on the couch and waited for my turn, although not as interactive yet somehow seemed just as fun.  I’d hear about it and have my own orgasm listening to how my wife was fucked and how she wished it could have lasted all night.