Homosexual Coercion

Are you alone now?  Good.  This is your dirty little secret and you don’t want anyone else finding out about it, do you?  No, of course not.  Not this private little shame of yours.  You’d be mortified if anyone else saw your search history or could see what was on your screen.

Now get really comfortable.  Kick your feet up.  Lean back.
There you go.
One more thing to do, undo your pants.  That’s right, go ahead.  Nobodies watching.  Undo your button and run your zipper down.  If you’re feeling really naughty you can pull them down a bit.  Let your cock out.

Comfortable?  Good.  We can start.

How’s my secret little cocksucker doing?  Good I hope.  I’m so happy you decided to take part in my lesson.  You’ll really find, by the end of it, that you’re better off.  We both know it, might as well let everyone else.

So are you going to admit it or are we going to keep playing this game?  You know the game.  You sit there innocent enough as you grab your dick and squeeze it while looking at naughty pictures.  Starting out they’re of men fucking women.  They all have big cocks and are usually fucking them from behind or giving sloppy blowjobs.  Normal, straight, man on woman porn.  Nothing wrong there, right?

But what did you type in the search bar?  Big cocks?  Huge cocks?  BBC?  We all know what you’re really looking for.

It’s okay, you can touch your dick while you read.  I won’t tell anyone.  Go head.  Give it a grab.  Stroke it.  It feels good doesn’t it?  That bit of dirty feeling that you’re all alone and jerking off while someone else is talking to you.  Just you.  Your own personal session as they tell you something you try to hide from the rest of the world.  Something you’re ashamed to admit but incredibly aroused to fantasize about.  What is it?  Go on, tell me while you’re jerking your cock.  Tell me your dirty secret while you pump your meat.

Fine, how about we say it at the same time.

3…you’re gay.

Doesn’t that feel better?  Doesn’t that feel good admitting it?  Didn’t you feel your cock jump in your hand while you said it out loud?  I bet you squeezed it extra hard and pumped it extra fast, didn’t you?

It’s so exhilarating admitting it to someone else, isn’t it?  You can tell me anything.  I can keep a secret.  Don’t worry.
Don’t worry, I said.  You don’t need to try and rationalize why you like looking at other men’s dicks.  Just go with it.  Let it take you over.  Your lips are watering thinking about cock, aren’t they?  Lick your lips.  Do it nice and slow as if you were getting ready to let a fat cock slip past them.  There you go.  Good boy.

I know you like to pretend you aren’t gay.  You say you only like that kind of porn because of the way the girls look.  That kind of porn is hotter because they get stretched out more and you like a good hard fuck when you’re jerking off.  Are you aware of the term overcompensation?  You know why you like watching girls get fucked by big, thick fuck rods.  We both know.  Now you can admit it freely and start jerking off to it with that little bit of knowledge that I know.

That’s right.  You’re a cock hungry little bitch and you’ve been fantasizing about sucking on a big, strong, alpha male’s man meat for a long time.

Start pumping for me now.

You want it.  You want to experience what it’s like to pull his gym shorts down.  He’s a big, strong, muscled up alpha and you’re just a little dicked beta waiting to be fed.  He can bench press you so you’re on your knees in front of him.  You’re hungry.  You want his cock.  You can see it peeking through the shorts.  It’s so fucking big, isn’t it?

Nod your head and agree.
You want it?  Nod your head and say it with me.

“I want it.”

What do you want?

“His thick cock.”

There you go.  Good boy.

You’re going to love having that cock too.  That first time experience of pulling his shorts down and his huge cock bouncing out of his shorts.  You’re going to be so hungry.  You’ll whimper then you’ll dive in as if you need it.  You won’t be able to resist.  You’re going to be owned by your need for cock.

Are you still stroking?  Pump harder, but don’t cum yet.  I bet your balls are so full of cum right now.  All of this talk of having your first dick must be having you on edge.  Aren’t you glad you pulled down your pants before you started?  You knew you would end up jerking off to gay coercion porn.  You’re so weak you couldn’t help it.

How bad do you want to feel a cock in your mouth?
What would you be willing to do?
Would you risk your marriage for a chance to suck another man’s cock?  Don’t answer so quickly, you never know.

It might be fun.  Sneaking around behind your wife’s back.  Meeting another married man who loves having closeted gay men suck his cock because they’re so enthusiastic and always swallow.

You’d swallow, wouldn’t you?  Of course.
Unless you were getting your first facial.  Always make sure you have a camera phone nearby.  Your first facial needs to be captured and sent to your secret email so you can look back at it.  It’s a must!

How hard is your cock?  Do you ever remember being this turned on?  Do you ever remember having your cock so close to cumming yet wanting to resist because you want to keep going?  Do you wish you had a cock shoved in your mouth right now while this was being read to you?  We both know the answer to that question.

Your mouth would be full of a big thick cock.  Pumping in and out of your mouth.  Someone’s lips right next to your ear and whispering.  Their breath heavy on your neck as your throat is slowly filled.  Them telling you that you’re gay.  You’re so fucking gay.  You’re sucking a dick for the first time and you’re never going back.  This is it, faggot.  You’re gay and you’ll always be gay.  Suck that cock.  Suck it.  You want his cum.  Moan.  Louder.  Let him know you want his cum.  Stroke it.  Pump it.  Empty his balls down your throat.

Mmmm, did you cum yet?  No?  You’re doing so good.  How many times have you read this trying to make it to the end?  How many times have you cum before here?  Is this the first time reading this?  Is this the first time your eyes have seen these words telling you that you’ve always been gay.  That you would choose cock over pussy every time.  That big thick meat drops you to your knees.

How far down the rabbit hole do you fall?

Are you just a run of the mill gay man who loves cock?
Are you a sissy who likes to pretend he’s a girl?
Do you wear your wife’s bra and panties and dress up?
Are you a cock sucking faggot that can’t have enough cock shoved in every hole he has?
Tell me.  I want to know.  I want to hear the words from your lips.  Admit your weakness to me.

After you take that big, strong man’s cock into your mouth do you think it’ll stop there?  No, of course not.  You’ll be on your hands and knees pleasuring him.  His hands will be on the back of your head, holding you in place.  You’re there until he’s done.  Your little dick is so hard in your pants when you feel hands on your hips.  They’re pulling your clothes off.  They’re exposing your ass.

Now you feel something pressed between your cheeks but you can’t turn around to see.  Your head is being held in place.  The pressure is so immense.  Your ass is tightening and you know what’s happening.  Someone else is behind you trying to fuck your tight little ass.  You’re going to be spit roasted.  You’re ass is going to be invaded just like your mouth is.  Your little dick is flopping around underneath you as you’re being fucked from both ends and used as a cum rag.

Tell me you want to be fucked by two men at once.
Have you ever seen two cocks in a man’s ass at the same time?  If not you need to see it.  It’s incredible.  You’ll be so stretched out your ass may as well be called a pussy.  Is that what you want?  To have your ass fucked as often and as easy as a pussy.  Your boi pussy invaded by large, strong men?  Nod for me as you stroke.

You love cock.  You’re obsessed with cock.  You love gay porn.  You love transexual porn.  Men who look like girls but who have cocks turn you on so much.  You love looking at other men’s cocks.  You secretly wish someone will proposition you in a bathroom to have sex with them in a stall.  You’d get down on your knees and suck them until they cum down your throat.

Do you like being called a faggot?
Do you like being called gay?
Tell me yes.  Admit it.  Come out to me.  Tell me you only want cock forever.  Go on and on about how you wish you could suck cock every night and go to sleep nursing on a big fat cock in your mouth so you can wake up from slobbering on it all night and have him fuck your throat first thing in the morning.

Let it all out.  All of your deep and dark secrets about how cock obsessed you are.  Be the cock whore you always wanted to be.  Succumb to it.  Give in.  Give up.  Give yourself to cock.