Never Been Kissed (by a man)

I’ve never kissed another man before but I’ve always wondered about it.  Well not always but for a while now.  I’ve wondered what it would be like.  I wondered if I would enjoy it.  I wondered how his, that imaginary man in the future that I was kissing, lips would and rough features would feel against mine.

Of course they would be rough.  I’m very much a girly type of man.
Not in appearance but in my mind.
He would be rough and rugged.  Handsome and strong.  The Henry Cavill type.  Which is funny because I’m more of a Batman fan then Superman but oh my goodness Henry Cavill has the body of a god.  He, to me, looks like Superman.  But this isn’t about superheroes and if I don’t steer myself away quickly it might turn into which one I’d most like to be fucked by.

(Chris Hemsworth’s Thor)

I’m naturally submissive.  I’ve been able to think of myself as a switch at times because certain girls have been able to get me out of that mindset of collapsing to my knees, but it isn’t easy.  She has to be something special.
Also I think I’m a bit of a switch with a submissive lean because I’ll go through phases of wanting to lunge and devour a girl.  I’d want to rip into her and take her wildly while she was doing the same back to me.  Equal balance and equal footing.
The thing is, that only happens with women.  When it comes to men I have no desire to do anything but carry out orders and please him.  With a man I want him to tell me what to do, or position me to do it.  I want him to kiss me and grab me.  I want him to fuck me and tell me I’m his dirty little fuck boy.  I want Superman make me his bitch.

Sorry, off track again.

So, right, I’m naturally submissive.  I want him to grab me and kiss me.  I want to feel his lips against mine and his tongue pushing into my mouth as he holds me.  His hands will undo his own pants and then make his way to mine.  Feeling him undo my pants and push them off of my hips would give a sting through me.  I’d shiver.  I’d be so hard the first time his hand cupped my balls and squeezed my shaft.  I’d whimper a gasping moan into his kiss.

I’d want to be taken.  I’d want to be kissed.  Basically treated like the girl in the old fashion sense of a man taking me into his arms.
I’ve wondered if it would be anything like that.  Everyone always wonders if their fantasies are anything near what the reality turns out to be and this is no different.  Truth is it’s probably no different than kissing a girl aside from a few technical aspects of possibly facial hair and no breasts pressing into my chest.  Also, sometimes, a less flowery smell depending on the girl.

I hope to be able to kiss another man someday.  I want it to be just as hungry and wild as when I’ve kissed girls.  I want to feel his hands on my body and grabbing and squeezing at the different parts of me.  The feeling of him pulling at my clothes because he wants to rip them off of my body.
Finally, when we’re naked together and grinding into each others body, I can kiss his lips as we writhe together.  His knee between my legs as he lays on top of me.  I can feel the pre-cum from his cock against my own thigh.  His long and hungry diving tongue probing the sections of my mouth he hasn’t explored yet as he builds suspense before turning me into his personal rowing machine (ever see Burn After Reading?).

I’m sure it’ll be somewhere in between fantasy and reality.  The good parts being almost as good and the bad parts being unexpected and awkward, but the reality of it being enjoyed all the more.  Especially if he ends up looking like Henry Cavill.

11 thoughts on “Never Been Kissed (by a man)

  1. Mercury the Scribe says:

    Im bi too. Its good you know what attracts you in a partner. I consider myself a switch too but im only submissive with those I trust. Even if im pleasing someone, im in control.

    This was very interesting to read because i got to see into your mind and I feel i never get to do that with bi people haha Btw usually most peoples lips feel smooth xD guy or girl. It all feels the same lol

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    1. BSquaredVille says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      Yeah, I was just kind of saying what I’ve been thinking. I was going to run on a bit longer but I didn’t want to ramble.
      I remember a long time ago thinking two guys kissing was very unappealing, but the more I got into my kinks the more it intrigued me. I don’t know if it was just the taboo nature of homosexuality in general population (at the time) or what.
      I don’t have too much experience with other bisexual men. Most are just interested in a quick jerk off and thats it. (Which, often, there isn’t anything wrong with that lol).

      I figured as much, the lips thing. I was thinking more about the difference in kissing a man than kissing a woman. The over all feeling.
      But I get you 🙂

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      1. Mercury the Scribe says:

        You aren’t alone in those thoughts. I was in denial about my sexuality once I hit middle school and during that time I acted homophobic so people wouldn’t suspect me but then I snapped out of that shit and was like who the fuck cares haha

        You do have a point in that guys and and girls act different and you court them differently. Both are freakin’ mysteries to me x.x

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        1. BSquaredVille says:

          The human condition. 🙂
          I think the part most people get wrong is saying “girls like this” and “guys like this” instead of realizing everyone is different and they can’t be pegged into a generalization.

          Plus its so fun to sample all the different flavors, why would you want to?

          As males its especially hard to come to terms with sexuality. I don’t know what it’s like to be gay but I know being bisexual is difficult because there’s that confusion of “I like women, they turn me on so much but…I can’t stop thinking about cock…”


          1. Mercury the Scribe says:

            Haha I say just give in to it all xD! I think being bi is freeing but I totally understand the difficulties. I mostly am attracted to whoever i’m attracted to as a person no matter who or what they are.

            The most difficult thing for me is just dealing with prejudices. Like straight people don’t like you, gay people think you are confused or slutty for liking both. It’s like because you walk between you don’t fit in on either side.

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          2. BSquaredVille says:

            I’m not really “out” myself so I never have dealt with too much to my face. Online I’ve had pretty decent receptions towards it. Women seem to take a man being bisexual (and into guys) better then straight men.

            I agree, the more the merrier really 🙂 As long as we get along personality wise I’m all good.

            (and sometimes even if we don’t. We’ll call them “needy/greedy/slutty” times lol)


          3. Mercury the Scribe says:

            I wish you all the best then and for a safe coming out. I’ve been out for about 10 years I think. But it took me awhile to finally come out to my mom.

            I’ve been with a bi man before and it was great. I love bi people in general. what can I say, we’re awesome xD

            I was part of an art project that was done by a bi person and meant to challenge and demystify the misconceptions around being bisexual. It was a cool experience and I got to talk about my own experiences moving through the world as a Bi, queer gendered poc. Though of the time that shit doesn’t matter to me and I just want us all to be people. (Though i’m pretty sure i’m a demonic alien)

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          4. BSquaredVille says:

            A demonic alien, huh? Sounds interesting!

            I’ve been “with” bi men before, sexually speaking. Or I’m calling them bi whether they admitted it or not. They were married to women (as I am) and they had sex with me so…seems pretty obvious to me, even if some guys don’t like to admit it.

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          5. Mercury the Scribe says:

            Well if you aren’t already, I’d advised telling your partner your true feelings and asking them if they would want to explore consensual open relationship or polyamory.

            I encouraged my ex gf to do that when we broke up and she said ti was the best advice I gave. I’m glad to see her finally happy and healthy with her relationships.

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