Sissy Dress-up Time

I like wearing women’s clothes.

I don’t do it in public.  I like to dress up in private.  It’s one of a few dirty little secrets that I have that nobody I know is aware of, such as right now I’m wearing panties.  A nice pink pair of boy shorts from La Senza.  They’re very cute and very snug.

That’s part of what I enjoy about wearing women’s clothes, how form fitting they are mostly.  Of course, like any clothing, you can get it a big baggier and loose but generally speaking women’s clothes hug their body and are meant to show them off (like it or not).

Women’s clothes are pretty.
Women’s clothes feel nice.
Women’s clothes have a greater variety in selection.

A woman has skirts and leggings and dresses to go along with regular pants.  But even their pants has a wide selection from capris to jeans to shorts and beyond.
A woman has a varying array of tops to choose from as well.  Tank tops, cami’s, blouses, cardigans, and on and on.

Men have variety in their clothing too but not nearly to the extent as women have.  I love the selection along with the prettiness of it.

Women’s clothes are designed to highlight their sexuality.  I’m, again, generalizing but for the most part that is true.  Dresses come in different variations to show off different parts of their body and you can pick an almost customized dress style to highlight your highlight-ables.

They feel nice too.  Women’s clothes always feel so smooth and sleek against my skin.  The fabrics are nicer rather than boring cotton or jean materials.  Wearing a woman’s dress makes me feel like I’m so close to her that I am her, which is kind of the fantasy I’m indulging in.

I enjoy wearing the clothes too small as well.  I think, or I know, even if I did get them in my usual size everything would be kind of snug tight against me but having it too small makes it guaranteed.

Panties have everything held together and almost makes it feel like it’s not even there.  Wearing a bra gives me a shiver as it cups my chest.  The feeling is so exhilarating.  Panties and a bra, every straight man’s intention is to get the girl of their dreams into just these two pieces of clothing.  Wearing them and feeling like a sexy girl is really hot.

I think my favorite to wear for outerwear is leggings.  My legs look amazing in leggings.  A nice black pair held tight.  I think they look damn sexy.

Then for the top I like something like a cutesy, sexy tank top.  A sleek fabric that hangs off of my shoulders.  I wish I had access to a wig to complete the look.  A blonde I always used to like to imagine myself.  I’d look damn hot I think.

The best part?  I can have a fashion show every day and wear something different.  Like playing barbies only I’m the barbie.

Sissy dress-up time is so much fun.  I think I’m going to go play a little more.

7 thoughts on “Sissy Dress-up Time

      1. BSquaredVille says:

        Omg I *WISH* that was me.
        You know, projecting and all. Wishing I had that amazing body and fit so well into all of the pieces.

        I probably should state that somewhere on there. 🙂
        Just um…kind of wishing/fantasizing/etc.

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