A Cuckold’s View

One of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen was when my wife held another man’s hand as they went out on a date.  It was erotic because of the implications and the knowledge of what has happened and what will happen.  Later that night they were going to fuck.  He was going to strip her clothes off and she was going to strip off his.  Their hands would be in every crease and crevice the other has and they would be going at it for hours.

It’s kind of an odd feeling being so personally invested in two people’s sex lives when you aren’t one of them.  To see his hand clasping hers and feeling a jolt down through my pelvis.  My heart racing and my erection rising as he pulls her close and they laugh together.  All of it until the disappear out of sight and I’m left alone while they continue on their date.

To know they are fucking at night is thrilling.  To be able to hear it but not see it creates a suspense that is hard to replicate.  There are faint sounds.  Muffled moans.  The silence is broken by the indistinguishable sound of a hand slapping an skin.  The repeated, consistent rhythm of it tells me he’s slapping her ass as they fuck.  The entire scene is created in my mind and I’m drunk on the euphoria of it.

I can picture them at the end of the bed.  He’s standing behind her, his dark body and her light skin.  She’s always commented on how she loves the color contrast between them.
His hands are curled into her hip bones.  They’re acting as natural handles for him to squeeze onto and jolt her waist back towards him while he thrusts forward.
She’s on her hands and knees at the very edge of the bed.  Her feet are dangling off the edge of the bed, but curled and wrapped into his calves.  Her head is down against the mangled sheets while she balls some of it in her fists.  Their bodies connected as he pushes into her with each thrust.

Then he slaps her ass.  One quick, unexpected slap on her ass that causes her to jump.  It’s followed by a pause of him inside of her before another slap on the same cheek.  His right hand smacking against her behind and syncing up with his thrusting.
She tells me later that night, after the fucking has finished, that he said her pussy belonged to him.  After he’s gone home and she’s laying, wasted, in the bed with the sheets pulled over her body and the room hot and smelling of sex that she’s still reminiscing of him fucking her.  Laying claim to her as he slaps her ass and fucks her at the same time.  She’s drunk off of his cock and she always sleeps easy after he gives her what she needs.

Then I’m left lying there in bed next to her.  She’s completely satisfied in every sexual way.  She’s been brought to orgasm, usually twice.  Her muscles ache in that satisfactory way, the way that gym junkies explain after an intense work out.  When she rolls over with her back to me she winces and smiles at the same time, letting out a groan after because the hurt is so good.  I’m left lying there with a hardened erection and waiting for her to fall asleep, which usually doesn’t take long.

I’m a cuckold.  She fucks other men and leaves me to fend for myself.  We don’t talk about it and have never used the word cuckold while speaking to each other but that’s what it is.  She fucks other men.  She doesn’t fuck me.  We haven’t had sex in over a year.  She fucks other men because she wants to and I encourage it.
She’s stuck on this one guy now, though.  He knows how to play with her body and make it shimmy and shake.  He enjoys it too, always eager to be up against her and close.

I don’t bother her with my needs often.  She used to assist with my erection.  I’d have to tell me about her nights when we started.  About how good she got fucked and for her to describe what she liked about the other guy’s dick.  I tried to play a bit of my other fetishes in at this point, asking her how much bigger it was than mine and if he was so good she never wanted to fuck me again.
This never really played to her though.  She’d laugh and say I was being weird.  Occasionally she would tell me that he’s at least twice as big and thick than mine while lazily stroking me.  I’d cum within ten or so seconds of that.

When she’s asleep I start to stroke.  I think of her laying next to me with her cunt freshly fucked and her body used.  I’d imagine him on top of her and in her.  My wife’s legs wrapped around his back as they kissed and he plunged deep inside of her.  I never lasted very long.  I would cum into a balled up pair of boxer briefs and my body would convulse.  The orgasms always felt so strong and I’d shiver from the aftershocks.
After the feeling subsided I’d drop the boxer’s to the floor and roll over onto my side.  Within minutes I’d be deep asleep.  A cuckold laying in the same bed that his wife was fucked in within the last hour.  Laying next to her, having not been sexually active with her in more than a year.  Having not fucked a woman in over a year.  A self imposed chastity of sorts.  A cuckold’s life while looking at the entire situation from a cuckold’s view.

5 thoughts on “A Cuckold’s View

  1. Mercury the Scribe says:

    I don’t know why i’m oddly fascinated and intrigued because it feels like the reader should feel the opposite, like you want to read it and be jealous or angry but you keep going and you’re in the narrator’s head and it not like that, you get an odd sense of calm and enjoy it with them.

    At the same time, it’s very sexual and this erotic picture is painted. The way you write is fantastic and i’m an oddball so I feel like I can find art in things like this. It was very tasteful and artistic in the way is was written and I couldn’t stop. very interesting perspective and I feel it helps deconstruct misconceptions about cuckolds and these sorts of relationships.

    Thank you for sharing this. I think you write awesome erotica.

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    1. BSquaredVille says:

      Thank so much! Don’t make me blush 🙂

      I like to have parts that are “dirty” where they are kind of raw and hard fucking, but that usually needs to (in my mind) be built up to. If you just start putting dick in pussy then it’s like “how did I walk in on this porn set and what’s happening?”

      I think the hardest part about cuckolding for the cuckold is a realization and acceptance of the wife’s pleasure coming first. It really is about a FLR basis. The cuckold is naturally submissive and wants her to be constantly pleased, knowing he isn’t the one to do that and assisting her in ensuring it happens.

      For the wife it’s getting past the “slut” view. She’s a slut if she sleeps around. Women are always looked down upon when they delve into their sexual side (yet, at the same time, men want women to be sexy. It’s always a fine line). So if she can not think about that, or care, then it helps.

      Them realizing it’s a give and take.
      I think a lot of men would be jealous the wife is having sex and the cuckold gets nothing.
      I’m rambling now. 🙂

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      1. Mercury the Scribe says:

        Yeah, I totally agree. I feel like when people start to write erotica they make the mistake of just throwing sex in but sex has to be meaningful to the story and serve a purpose. You should def try submitting erotica to magazine that call for it. One of my first published pieces was for a dark erotica anthology xD

        I actually don’t know that much about cuckold relationships so i’m glad you’ve explained it. People always use the term in such negative ways, without really understanding. And being a “slut” is a whoooole ‘nother social political can of worms xD

        And I don’t mind the rambling. I never get to discuss writing with writers so its really cool. I look forward to seeing your future posts! 🙂

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        1. BSquaredVille says:

          I love the comments so always feel free to say anything, critique or praise. The discussions are fun.

          Yes, “cuck” is thrown around as an insult similar (but not nearly as bad) in the same vein as “gay” is used saying something is “less” or “worse” or “shameful.”
          I’ve always been of the belief that, as long as it isn’t harming anyone (or illegal) then what’s the difference if someone finds a kink in it?

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          1. Mercury the Scribe says:

            Great! I know I just kinda came out of nowhere haha

            I’ve def heard cuck used in a bad way, even against me (because I let my ex gf be with other people if I agreed it was okay and they ended up cheating on me when it wasn’t okay) but there is a huge difference in agreeing and enjoying something versus someone breaking that agreement and going behind your back.

            I like that there are so many different types of kinks. Life would be so bland and boring if everyone were the same haha I gotta read your latest story too, seems interesting.

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