Good Pets Are Hard To Find

“Can I please you further, Miss Juniper?”

The man’s head was down.  He was positioned on his knees with his naked body curled nearly in the fetal position at her feet.  The heeled sandal on her right foot had been licked clean and the black was shining from his efforts.
He felt as if he had done a good job but had remained motionless in silence for minutes and she had given him no acknowledgement.  A sub’s place was to be available when needed and otherwise behave, so when his question went unanswered he knew he should have remained silent.  What we should do and what we actually do are often not the same thing though.

“Miss Juniper?”  he said again.  His head slightly elevated from the floor and looking at her right heel.

No answer was returned, at least no verbal answer.
She waited another moment.  His questions weren’t to be answered at his time, they were to be ignored.  Miss Juniper was growing tired of these men asking to be dominated and controlled yet they still have questions and requests.  They wish to give themselves to the whim of the dominatrix yet can’t help but ask when and where things will happen.
If they wanted to schedule every little detail then she was never the one for them.

After a minute of making him wait she let out a sigh.  It was short sigh.  One typically reserved for a minor frustration or annoyance.  It was followed by her left leg uncrossing from over her right and the heel being placed on the back of the man’s head.  She pressed down and guided his lips to the floor.  When his lips were firmly against it she left the heel of her sandal balanced on his crown with the weight of her leg behind it.

“I keep hearing a sound,” she rocked her left knee open.  Her right foot firmly on the ground near his face.
“It’s this annoying little whimpering.  It keeps saying something but I can’t quite understand it.  It’s as if it’s trying to say something to me, which would be quite odd because I was pretty sure I was the only person in the room that had permission to talk unless addressed.  I surely don’t recall ever being addressed.”

With the last word she leaned forward and pressed more weight on her left leg, it drove the heel harder into his crown and his fists clenched and he grit his teeth.

She really was tired of these men.  They think they want a dominatrix.  They think they want to be dominated by a woman, but when it comes down to it they still can’t give up their control.  The male in them is too strong.  The idea of not having that control is too much when faced with it and they revert back to the comfort of their gender.
All they really want is sex.  That’s what their aim is and that’s what they expect to get, whether its fucking or being fucked.  Sure, they’re paying her.  The customer is always right, yeah?  If the customer wants sex then that’s what they should get.
But these customer’s aren’t paying for sex.  These men are paying for Miss Juniper to do whatever she pleases to them, and sex is a privilege.  Sex is going to be earned.  When a man is asking for praise on a job well done within the first fifteen minutes he’s not being a good submissive.  He’s being needy.

The heel was removed from his grown and replaced with the bottom of her sandal.  She shoved his face away and pushed him a few inches to the side.  He kept his gaze at the floor and reformed himself in a naked ball.

Miss Juniper crossed her left leg back over her right and bounced her left foot up and down slowly.  Maybe she would fuck him after all, but maybe not in the way he intended.

“Up, now,” she called to him.

He sat up just as she had instructed him to before they entered the room.  It was one of a few instructions he was required to remember and recite, or act out, before the session was to begin.  A person was granted Miss Juniper’s playroom only when they showed they could behave by her rules.

This man, she never asked him his name and only referred to him in casual reference, was first asked to strip all of his clothes off and fold them nicely.  They were placed on a table outside the room, where he could retrieve them after the session was complete.
Next he was asked to lay flat on his stomach.  Miss Juniper always gave her prospective guests a treat at this point if they were quick in their response time.  She placed her heeled foot on their shoulder and pressed in.  The type of man that came to her always enjoyed this show of dominance.  It was a lovely example of what was to come once they entered the room.
She would then instruct them on the word up.  This meant they were to kneel and sit back, feet folded inward while grabbing their ankles.  It was a ready pose that they could spring from and easily take care of most requests she would make.

These were the basic requirements before the door would open.  Miss Juniper would have them crawl behind her and keep pace.  At this time she instructed that they are not to speak unless spoken to.  They are to only make movements that are requested by her.  If there was a concern that needed to be attended to, or they wished the session to end immediately, they were to say the safe word; recycled.
When this word was uttered Miss Juniper would stand up and walk out of the room.  The door would remain open and the man would be expected to re-dress and leave the way he came within five minutes.
The word wasn’t used often, but it had it’s utterances from time to time.  There was a man who didn’t realize Miss Juniper would be quite so rough with her heel as she was having him deep throat it.
Another, a few years ago, thought it was a kinky tease and he would eventually get to have sex with her as she rode him and shouted degrading phrases to urge him on.  When she pushed the lubed, strap-on dildo into his ass he yelped and stuttered the safe word out after a few seconds of trying to recall it.

“Re, re, re-recy-recycled!  Recycled!”

She was tempted to leave the dildo in his ass for making her waste her time but she didn’t want to give him a refund so she pulled out and walked out of the room, rolling her eyes the entire way.

Then there was a time where she had to say the word.  Another one of these men who think they’re going to get more than what was told to them.  The kind of man who thinks all he has to do is play along for a while and then show her what she would get and she would be grateful.  It’s the same guy kind of guy that would confidently send a girl an unsolicited dick pic and expect her to respond with a heart eyes emoji.

She had this confident man kneel in front of her as she sat in her chair.  He smirked at her and it annoyed her right from the start.  The man grabbed his cock and started stroking it in front of her on his knees.  No words were given between either party, just his smirk and his slow strokes.
His cock was big and thick and he was obviously quite proud of it.  It didn’t impress Miss Juniper though.  She was merely annoyed by his actions.  There was never a request to have him stroke himself.  He was disobeying one of the basic rules and she was going to teach him how to show respect.  The riding crop on the table next to her chair would do the trick.

“Come here, come closer,” she smiled at him.  It took everything in her not to gag at his returned smile.  It was bright and wide and he was quite handsome.  The unfortunate part was that he knew it and thought it could get him whatever he wanted.

The man shimmied his way forward on his knees until Miss Juniper stuck her heeled foot out and stopped him a leg’s length away.

“You’re quite proud of that, aren’t you?”  Her eyes nodded down to his hand still on his massive member.

He nodded, “are you impressed?”

She grinned back at him, “oh so very impressed.  I don’t often get to see such displays in here.”

He looked up and nodded his head confidently, “it’s all yours, Miss.  All you have to do is ask.”

She bit back a sneer and clicked it out of the side of her cheek.

“Why don’t you close your eyes there, big fella.  Everything feels so much better when you don’t see it coming.”

He closed his eyes and cocked his head upward proudly.  His hands dropped behind his back as his hard cock stood at attention.  He was a soldier waiting for his orders, but a cocky one who wanted all the glory to himself.

When his eyes closed Miss Juniper’s smile faded and her lips closed.  She took the crop in her hand and ran it delicately between his legs.  He let out a soft laugh and shivered.  She wanted him lulled into a comfortable peace, and then a hard thwack against his stiffness.  There was a squealing cry from his lips as he curled up in a ball on the floor and cupped his genitals in his hands.

“Ah!  Fuck!  You fucking bitch!”  He cursed at her as she stood up and walked towards the door.

“Recycled,” she turned her head back, “get out.  You obviously don’t know what this is, nor what you want.  Go find an escort, they’ll happily give you everything you need.  You can have a few extra minutes to lick the wounds on that so very impressive dick of yours.  I hope the swelling isn’t too bad.”

He left and never came back, but she did have plenty of regulars.  She’s been a Dominatrix long enough that she can read whether a man is going to be docile enough to be a good pet.  Some men don’t want a true Dominatrix.  Some want a woman to rile up a rage in him and then let him fuck it out on her.  Some want the challenge of a strong women and to see if they can make her submit.  Some just want trouble.

This man at her feet she’s still deciding what he wants.  He seemed agreeable enough.  He didn’t have a huge cock or swollen attitude when he came in.  There was an aura about him that fit many of her usual customers.  He followed all of her rules to the letter, until he spoke out of turn.  She thought he could be a good pet, but maybe he just needed some proper training.

“Tuck your little dick between your legs and come here, waddle forward on your knees just as you are.”

She bounced her left leg and watched as he shimmied himself forward.  His head was properly down and he continued even as he moved into her foot as it bounced.

“There you go, that’s enough.  Now up, on your knees.”

He raised himself from the sitting position and was kneeling high.  His hands were at his sides and his head was still downward at the floor.

She stared at him for a moment, continuing to bounce her foot.  She knew it was in his line of vision, or just out of it.  He would be distracted by it.  She also knew that he had a raging foot fetish based on their initial communication to set up the session.  The average sized dick between his legs was hard as a rock.
Miss Juniper dragged her foot down his chest.  The tip of the heel slid over his soft frame and bounced the erection for her amusement.  His face grimaced and a steady exhale steamed from his nose.  He was enjoying it.

It was nice when a pet enjoyed something as trivial as the graze of a heel along their dick.  He took what was given to him and didn’t ask for more.  There was no whimpering or begging to put her foot back in place.  She didn’t have to have him get back into position or drop his hands from masturbating.  He knelt there like a good pet.

“Maybe there is hope for you.  On your hands and knees, open your mouth.”

He folded and she watched with a small smirk.

“Close your eyes.”

He obeyed like a good hound.

She thought of seeing how loud he could howl.  Perhaps he would take an ass full of her strap-on and she could find out if he was going to be able to survive a breaking-in of his tight hole.  Not at the moment though, she needed to show him that his mouth isn’t meant for talking.  It was meant to be filled.

“You’ve been fairly good, however you spoke out of turn.  Now you need to be punished.  I don’t care what your mouth has to say, unless I ask to hear it.  Remember that going forward.”

Miss Juniper stretched her left leg out to his open mouth and placed the tip along the opening.

“Be a good pet and dry not to drool too much.”

With a quick, short kick of her foot she shoved the shoe into his mouth as far as it could reach.

“Don’t you even think about pulling off of it.  I want you to swallow my entire foot.  I want it down your throat.  Swallow my fucking foot, bitch.”

She rested the bend of her left knee on her right and leaned forward.  Her arms stretched out and grabbed the sides of his head, holding onto them and pulling them forward on her foot.

“I want to feel the back of your throat on my toes.  I want to hear you gagging on my foot like it was a giant fucking cock.  Who knows, you may need practice for that anyway.”

Her hands pushed down on his head and she felt no resistance from him, just the sandal unable to push deeper into his mouth and his lips spread as wide as they can go.  She pulled the heel from his mouth and he panted.

“You’re not done yet,” she said as she unstrapped her heel and dropped it to the floor, “you’re lucky I don’t fuck you with this heel right now just to hear you scream.  If you want to talk so bad maybe we can see all of the painful curse words you can cry out.”

With her foot free she pressed her toes back to his panting lips, “now lets do a better job at swallowing my foot, shall we?”

His mouth opened wide and took her toes in.  He tried to wiggle his way from side to side to slip her foot in further.  It was stretching his gums as wide as they’ve ever been stretched.  Her hands were back on his head pushing him down while her foot was aiding its way from the other end.

“I guess your mouth just isn’t big enough to swallow my foot.  Such a shame.  I guess I’ll just have to fuck you with it instead.  Now hold still.”

Miss Juniper held his head steady and bounced her leg so her foot slipped in and out of his mouth.  The saliva was dripping down her heel and the sounds of his full mouth filled the air as if he were giving a wildly messy blowjob.  She was enjoying watching him try his best.

Sure, he was indulging in his foot fetish but it wasn’t anything he had told her he experienced before.  All of his previous foot encounters were involving light foot rubbing along his face or dick.  Nothing so violent or aggressive.  She enjoyed being able to stretch his mind on his fetish, along with his mouth around her foot.

After a few minutes of fucking his throat with her toes she pulled her foot from his mouth and kicked the sides of his face with it.  She placed the bottom of her foot on the top of his head and curled her toes in his hair.

“It’s all slimy and I don’t have a towel.  You’ll have to do.”

She stuck her foot out to him, “now you get a treat.  Put my heel back on.”

The man picked up her dropped heel and placed it on her foot.  He strapped the ankle and made sure it was snug and then sat back on his heels.

“Times up,” she stood and walked towards the door.
“I hope you can figure out what you did well and what you didn’t today.  Next time I won’t be so kind.”

She slipped out of the playroom and into the locked, back room and turned on the monitor to watch him as he got himself together.  There was a small camera that showed the door to the playroom and the exit.  When the clients would ready themselves she would watch to ensure they left before coming out and study their mannerisms.

Some men would hurry and rush out of the place as if it were a crime scene.  Others would get dressed and leave quickly.  Some would spend time pleasuring themselves and would also wonder why they were denied requests for another session, or given adult diapers with little notes attached that read, “if you’re going to make a mess put this on so I don’t have to clean it.”

There was only ever one person who actually did so.

This man came out of the room shortly after and put his clothes on at a quick pace like most do.  He took a look around and started for the door to leave.  When halfway across the room he went back to the playroom and stuck his head in for a few seconds before closing the door.
She leaned forward and looked at him closely.  His eyes were closed and it appeared he was taking in a deep breath.  He looked as if he were inhaling the scent of the room and savoring it.  A smirk jumped out of the corner of her lip.

He left the room quickly after and still within the 5 minutes she advised all clients they had.  She lingered in the back room for a bit and smiled at the idea of finding a possible good pet.  They were so incredibly hard to find, regulars that followed orders.  She liked the idea of coming across one that was mold-able, because a good pet was so hard to find.  It was much better when she could just make them as she wanted.