Expensive Indulgence

It’s late and I just checked in.  I love hotel rooms when you first check in.  They feel so new, as if nobody has slept in them before you.  The rooms are perfect from the bed to the bathroom.  I’ll usually set my suitcase in the corner and fall back on the bed and lay there for a minute when I get in the room, but I don’t have a suitcase today.  I’m not going to be much more than 9 or 10 am tomorrow morning.  I may even leave tonight, depending on how things go when she shows up.

I was too nervous to do anything but sit on the bed.  I didn’t want to hear the television, I thought I wouldn’t hear the door when she knocked.  I tried fiddling around on the internet with my phone. but I couldn’t get into anything.   I was too distracted.  She should be here soon and my heart was racing.

The sound of a knock on the door made me leap from my bed and rush over to it.  I didn’t even look through the peephole, I just swung it open anticipating her.  She didn’t wait for me to invite her in either.  She walked past me as the door was opened and I closed it quickly behind her followed by the top lock.  I always did every lock available, force of habit.

She was prompt.  Thirty minutes on the dot and then over to me.  She stood next to the bed, her back to me but not saying a word.  I quickly remembered and fished my wallet out of my pants.  I pulled out all of the bills and put them on the dresser quickly and apologized.

“S-sorry.  First time,” I said meekly.

She looked at the money spread.  I positioned it so she could easily count without having to finger through each bill.

“No problem,” she responded with a smile.

I was even more nervous now.  I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t know what to do.  She was standing with me in the same room and I had no idea how to talk to her or what I was allowed to do with her.

“I um-,” she cut me off.

“If you want to do what you requested we better get at it.  I don’t know what you consider a definition of the word fresh but I doubt it is much longer than a few minutes.”

She turned to face me as she said this.  I blushed and nodded .

“So, what…how.  Um I’m sorry.  I just don’t know what exactly I should be doing.”

I sounded pathetic.  I had a beautiful woman in my room and I’m paying her and I still act like a fucking loser who can’t talk to girls.  She just told me to get on with it and I’m still asking her what I’m supposed to do.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding.  You really are a submissive little bitch.”

She laughed and it stung.  I lost any kind of excitement in me as the sound of her voice was filled with contempt.  It was perfect.  My cock grew stiff and I felt weak.

She continued after observing me for a few seconds, “you hired me to eat my freshly fucked cunt.  Now get on your knees and clean it out.  For the money you spent you should be enjoying another man’s cum inside of me.”

She was perfect.  Not only was she beautifully stunning but she was filling the role I asked her to flawlessly.  I couldn’t help it.  I started rubbing my cock through my pants and she sighed, frustrated.

“Listen faggot, stop rubbing your puny little dick and get on your knees.  Crawl over to me and pull down my panties and lick the cum from my pussy that the guy in the room next door just shot into me.”

I obeyed right away.  I dropped to my knees and crawled to her.  She dropped her long coat to the floor and revealed her amazing body covered in red lingerie.  Just enough to cover her breasts and the smallest portion between her legs while the rest was merely string and lace to connect it all together.  Her blonde hair rested on her shoulders and down her back.  I looked up at her but she didn’t bother looking back down.  I placed my hands on her hips and she sat back onto the bed, spreading her legs.  She laid back and brought her feet up to the bed.

I could see the cum settled inside of her.  It had coated the lingerie.  I slipped my fingers up and inside the fabric and pulled it aside.  My face moved in close, still nervous of actually doing this.  The hot smell of old sex in my face when the heel of her foot pressed firmly against the back of my head and moved my face into her cunt.  The cum was smeared across my upper lip and my tongue began rapidly lapping it up like a dog drinking water.  It was rapid fire and I was overly eager.

After a few minutes of me tending to her freshly fucked pussy she pressed her feet on my shoulders and pushed me back away from her cunt.

“Enough for you,” she said, “now strip and lay on the bed.  I’m going to have to fucking tell you to do everything, aren’t I?”

I did exactly as she said.  I was starting to feel the excitement again and jumped every time she told me to.  I stripped and I heard a slight chuckle escape her lips when she saw me fully naked for the first time.  My cock still wasn’t erect and I saw her smirking.  I was turned on, beyond turned on, but the idea of cum all over my face still was something I was getting used to.  I don’t think I’d ever be fully erect when faced with it but the idea of it is the most intense thing I can think of.

I crawled into the bed next to her and sidled up closely.  She was laying on her side and she pushed me onto my back and began running her well manicured fingers up and down my cock.  It became as hard as it could possibly get within seconds.

“There you go.  Look, maybe you aren’t such a faggot after all.”

This made it jump and I moaned at the feeling of her touching me.  The sensation was something I couldn’t explain easily.  It was a weightlessness and intense rush of warmth. It felt better than an actual orgasm and I didn’t want it to end.  This was exactly what I was paying her for and I was getting every penny.

“So,” she began, “let me get this straight.  You paid me to fuck another guy of my choosing.  A man with a big cock that would destroy my pussy so your cock, if it were so lucky to enter me, wouldn’t even register a feeling.  You wanted him to cum inside of me and then have me come next door to your room and let you lick it out?”

She wasn’t done.

“You also paid for his room for the night.  You then paid me to come in here and tell you about it while I jerked you off and told you what an insignificant cock you have while I stroked it.  Tell you how disappointed your wife must be whenever you insult her by thinking you should be able to put it in her pussy and further degrade and humiliate you in any way I deem fit?”

I nod and moan the words, “yes please.”

She laughs and drops her head, shaking it slightly back and forth.

“Wow.  I’ve never had anyone pay me this much to do this little to them and so much to someone else.”

Her fingers grazed up and down the sides of my cock as she spoke.

“So tell me, do you like it when I call you a faggot?”

I nodded.

“No, tell me.  I want to hear you say that you like being called a faggot.”

“I like it when you call me a faggot.”

“Why?”  Her tone was direct rather than inquisitive.

“Because I am a faggot,” my answer was between heavy breaths.

“Yes you are, faggot.  That’s exactly what you are.  You love cock so much that you want to lick a nice fat cock’s cum from a woman’s pussy to show how much of a fucking faggot you are.”

Her fingers grip my cock and start stroking me.

“You don’t like pussy at all.  That’s why you fuck your wife so terribly that she has to go find someone at work to satisfy her.  That’s why she won’t fuck you when you want her to anymore.  Nobody feels bad for you because what you really want is cock.  That’s why you paid an escort to not fuck you.  You want me to humiliate you so bad that you give up on pussy all together.”

My entire body is squirming.  I’m panting.  I can’t take it.
“I’m going to cum.”

“No you fucking are not,” she lets go of my cock and slaps it.  She slaps my balls and causes me to jump and yelp in pain.

“Shut the fuck up, pussy.”

“You’re not allowed to cum.  Do you understand?  If you cum I’m going to call your wife and tell her every little detail about this meeting tonight.  About the money you saved for months and siphoned off of your weekly pay for this meeting.  How much you’re wasting just to get your little fucking dick hard.  You are not going to cum until I tell you its okay.  If I tell you its okay.”

I nod quickly, over and over again.

“Now he was good too.  He was amazing.  He made me cum.  He’s one of my favorites and he told me to tell you thank you for the free ride.  I said no, I wouldn’t tell you because you’re fucking pathetic and don’t deserve that.  I told him about the cock picture you sent and how small your cock was compared to his.  I showed it to him.”

She grips my cock tight in her fist again.
“I showed him this and he laughed.  He laughed and said he took back his thank you and said he hopes I fuck you with the handle to my brush.  I would too, if I didn’t think you’d like it so much.”

My hips are grinding upward at her strokes.  I’m whimpering.  I’m breathing heavily.  I’m sweating.  She goes from fast, hard strokes to slow deliberate ones and then stopping completely and pulling at the hairs on my balls to kill the build up.

“I think you need to tell your wife about this pathetic fantasy of yours.  I think she needs to know what a fucking loser she’s married to.  She should get to go out and find a real man to fuck her.  In fact I’d like to take her out a few nights and introduce her to some men that can really show her a good time.  Then have them fuck her properly for the first time in what…over a decade?  Yeah, poor fucking girl.  Then she’ll get to bring them home and let them meet you so they feel bad for her and give her the best they’ve got.  Maybe she’ll indulge your fantasy and let you watch.  Maybe she’ll make them fuck you too and lick her pussy out.  Or maybe she’ll make you sit outside and listen to them.  Even better she would make you do the dishes and clean the fucking house while she gets properly pounded.”

I can’t respond with words.  I just moan.  A pathetic whimpering moan.  She knows what she’s doing and she’s amazing at it.

I want to cum so bad.
I don’t want to cum ever again.

I didn’t know her name.  I had never met her before.  The only communication we’ve ever had were a few DMs through twitter and two separate, short phone calls to set everything up.  I only knew what her body was like and in my eyes it was perfect because she was imperfect.
She was incredibly sexy but she had a realness to her body that made everything more believable.  That’s what our fantasies are about; wanting them to be reality.  She didn’t have porn star breasts that were popping out of her bra.  Her ass was healthy and a nice handful.  I never got to see her face until I opened the door and she barged in.  She had the face of a girl who knew she was pretty and knew she could get guys attention with little to no effort.  She knew how to use make-up to enhance certain parts of her face and slut-ify other parts.  There wasn’t a single part of her I was disappointed with.

She was so close to me right now and that wasn’t what I was thinking about.  That was the amazing part.  I had this amazingly beautiful woman, this real life goddess leaning her body against mine with her hand wrapped around my cock pumping it up and down and I wasn’t even thinking about how could this possibly be happening.

Her full, luscious lips were spitting vitriol down at me.  Her eyes looking hard into mine.  It felt like she was judging me.  I felt small and pathetic.  I felt insignificant.  The look she gave me was as if she was disgusted that I was paying her to do this.  It was as if she hated me and wanted to prolong each and every moment of frustration because I was wasting her time.  She stopped pumping my cock and let go.

“No.  No you don’t get to cum, faggot.  You only get to cum with a cock in your mouth, right?”  She wanted an answer.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Yes ma’am what?”

“Yes ma’am.  I only get to cum with a cock in my mouth.  It’s all I want from now on.”  Her fingers began gently caressing the length of my cock.  It gave me courage to continue unabated.

“Please ma’am.  Don’t let me cum.  I only want to cum with a cock down my throat.  I am such a faggot.  I can’t resist cock.  I don’t want to feel pussy anymore.  Just when I’m cleaning a fresh, hot stream of cum and only my tongue is allowed so my face is covered in used cum and pussy.  I want you to put my pathetic little white tiny dick in a cage and keep the key.  Make me pay you to get it back.  Make me pay you to allow me to suck another man’s big fat cock to get the key to my cock so I might be able to cum.”

She continued to tease me.  Her single finger grazed up and down the length of my cock.  Her nail dragged down the underside of it and caused my body to shiver.  She teased my balls and gently ran her fingers along them.  She lowered her lips to my ear and whispered softly below my pathetic groaning and admission of being a sissy faggot.

“Keep talking you fucking little girl.  Keep talking while I whisper to you.”
She took the base of my cock in her hand and squeezed it hard and I flinched and gasped.  She began pumping my cock while I continued, slipping in her own whispers the entire time I was talking.

I continued, “yes ma’am.  Oh god I want to be in a cage and never feel a pussy again.  I want you to make me tell any woman I deem attractive enough to want to fuck that I am a pathetic excuse for a man that pays women to-.”

She whispered, “yes you little cummy-cunt licking cock whore.  You are going to be caged.  Your pathetic little worm of a cock will never enter another pussy as long as you live.  You’re a faggot now.  You’re gay.  I’m going to whisper this into your ear every time you cum because you’re never allowed to cum without me ever again.  You’re going to hear my voice repeat over and over again that you’re gay.  You’re gay.  You’re gay.  You’re gay.”

My head was nodding fast over and over again.  I was trying to continue with my sexually humiliating rant as the words “you’re gay” were whispered in repetition in my ear by her sweet but poisonous voice.  The words continued relentlessly.  I tried to continue.

“Tease me and degrade me.  I want you to grind and rub your ass and pussy over my caged cock and tell me I’m not allowed to have it.”

“You’re gay.”

“Tell me I should have a pussy and tits.  I should always be on my knees feeding men.  That I need to call my tiny white dick a pussy from now on.”

“You’re gay.”

“Unh.  Mmm.  Please.  I need cock.  I’m a faggot that loves having a cock down my throat.  I want to feel what its like to have a cock in my mouth and one in my ass.”

“You’re gay.”

“While my throat is being choked on that fat cock.  My little pussy is shriveled up while I’m being fucked like a rag doll.  You and your extremely hot girl friends pointing and laughing and saying horribly mean things.”

“You’re gay.”

“What a piece of shit I am.  How my little pussy would make any self respecting girl laugh hysterically.  Seeing you all point and laugh a maniacal, mean-spirited laugh that.”

“You’re gay.”

“Pierces me deep inside while I’m being fucked by two large cocked men.  Making me regret everything I’ve done to that point and feel horrible about myself.  You girls surround me.”

“You’re gay.”

“And slap at my pussy and tell me what a fucking loser I am to my face.  Make eye contact with me and call me a sorry excuse for a man that no woman would.”

“You’re gay.”

“Ever want to fuck no matter how much you paid her.  That I’m going to be alone forever and you’re going to make me your personal little sexless bitch slave.  You’ll dehumanize me into nothing.”

“You’re gay.”

“And I’ll know yes…fuck yes I’m gay.”

“Yes, you are.  You’re fucking gay.  Now tell me again.”

“I’m gay.”

“Good faggot.  Now say it again.”

“I’m gay.”


“I’m gay.”


“I’m gay.”

“Tell me again.”

“I’m gay.  I’m gay.  I’m gay.  I only want cock.  I’m gay.  Please don’t make me put my cock in you.  I’m gay.  I only want to be fucked by men.  I hate pussy.  I hate it.  I’m gay.”

“Now tell the camera.”

She holds up my cellphone, “its recording.  Tell the camera.”

I open my eyes and stare into it.  The look of lust smeared across my face.  It will take hours to get it off.

“I’m gay.  I’ve always been gay.  Every time I’ve ever been with a woman I had to think of men to get my tiny little dick hard.  I’m gay.  I’m gay.  I want a divorce so I can find a man.  I want to marry another man and sleep with him every night.  I want to kiss him and be close to him.  I’m gay.  I want to finally be gay.  I want a divorce.”

The words pour out of me as if they’ve been sitting on the edge of my tongue just waiting to escape.  The camera holds steady in her hand.  Her other slowly and clumsily stroking my cock.  She must be shocked by the way my inner thoughts exploded out like that.  She wasn’t expecting that.

“Tell me again.  Tell me again and then tell me what this is.  Why are we here right now.”  She continues to hold the camera to get my confession on video.

“I’m gay.  I paid you.  You’re an escort and I paid you.  I saved up money.  I’m gay.  I saved up money on the side.  I took it out of our account and stashed it away.  I contacted you as an escort.  I sent you a gift of goodwill to show my intent.  We communicated.  We messaged back and forth a few times and I called you on the phone.  We set up a meeting.  I paid you and rented two rooms.  One to have you fuck another man.  One with a big cock and a load of cum he’d been saving up for a few days.  I wanted him to cum inside of your pussy.  Then I am staying in the room next door so you could be here quickly after he filled you up.  You’d walk in and I’d pay you.  You’d drop your panties and I’d lick his cum from your cunt and then we’d lay on the bed.  You would humiliate and degrade me to your own liking and stroke my cock telling me how much better of a fuck he was than I could ever be.  Tell me I’m not allowed to fuck you because you don’t want my tiny white dick inside of you.”

“You’re gay,” she interrupted.

“I’m gay,” I replied and stopped talking.

It was now a controlling device she’s building into me.  A humiliation exercise where she interrupts me in whatever I’m saying and I repeat and acknowledge it and shut down.

She puts the camera down on the bedside table.  I look at her as she’s holding the tip of my little pussy between her index finger and her thumb.  She’s pinching it and watching me wince.  My face squeezing tight as the sensitivity is overwhelming.

“Look at you cringe,” she laughs.
“Look at you act like such a fucking pussy.”
She strikes the side of my face with the palm of her hand.  The sting is intense.  She didn’t hold back.

“Fucking look at me faggot,” she barks.

I bring my face back to hers.  My eyes wide, not expecting the assault.  She has a smirk on her face as if she’s enjoying it.  My little pussy is shrinking.  Its growing soft from her manipulating my sensitivity and the slap.

“Every time you look like you’re in pain I’m going to make you hurt even more.”
She bends down close to my face so we’re eye to eye and it feels as if she can see directly into my thoughts.

“Every fucking time.  Now maybe I should have you send an email out to everyone you work with and tell them you are coming out as gay.  Yes, you could play it off the next day that you were drunk or someone took your phone but most won’t believe you.  Not the ones that know you.  They’ll know that look of nervousness in your face.  That hesitation in your voice as you ramble and try to explain things away but you keep talking in a circle.  You’re gay and they’ll know its true.”

“I’m gay,” its instinct now.

“Now how is this?  Is this what you wanted?”

Her lips are so close to mine I want her to kiss me but I want her to tell me I’m not allowed to kiss her.  Not those lips.  Not with mine.  I want to hear her say it.  I wish she could read my mind.

My little pussy is now flaccid.  Its as flat and deflated as it can be.  The only thing I can do now is retract inside of me like a micro penis.  A good slap of my balls might cause it too.  I nod and answer her before she slaps me across my face again.  I’m actually a little afraid of her blows and if she’ll close her fist and break my nose.
The fear of her wasn’t planned.  I can’t tell if I like it or not.  The confusion is arousing though.  My little pussy doesn’t know what to do as it’s both turned on and not at the same time.  Nothing happens.  I remain limp.

She pulls back and sits across my thighs so my little pussy is in front of her and she lets out a cackle so humiliating that I start to feel tears well in my eyes.  The pointed laugh so harsh it makes my heart drop.  I have to keep telling myself I wanted this.  I gave her full reign and every ounce of ammunition and she’s using it.

Her hand moves down to my little pussy and she flicks it with her fingers.  A hard flick.  The kind of flick you give when you see an ant crawling across your desk that would send it flying into anywhere.  I yelp in pain and she flicks my little pussy again.

“Shut the fuck up, faggot!”  She yells up at me, “I didn’t give you permission to cry yet.”

She moves up my body, sitting across my mid section.  She places her hands on my chest and looks down at me.

“You’re gay,” she says again.

“I’m gay,” I repeat instinctively.

“You’re gay,” she repeats as her hands slide up my chest to my neck.

“I’m gay,” I say as commanded.  Her hands now on my neck and she starts to squeeze.  The tightness growing tighter as she smiles down at me.  A wide and wicked smile.

“You’re gay,” she says down to me again but squeezes my throat tightly in her hands.  I try to repeat my words but they come out gargled and unclear.  Her waist begins to grind backwards into my little nub and her hands squeeze tighter around my neck.

“You’re gay.”

I open my mouth and nothing comes out.  My hands flinch upwards but stop in midair.  I’m not allowed to touch her.  I open my mouth and another gargled sound comes out and she smiles down at me and squeezes harder.  I throw my hands down at the bed and grip the sheets.  My face turns from aroused to fearful as I feel her grip so tight I have no breath left.

The anger in her eyes burns as she screams down to me, “YOU’RE FUCKING GAY!”
She releases my neck and slaps me across the face one way and then with the other hand the other way.

I cough and choke trying to catch my breath.  I turn to my side and prop myself up and gasp in air.  After a few seconds I finally am able to feel my heart stop racing and I mutter weakly, “I’m gay.”

She climbs off of the bed and grabs her jacket.  She puts the money in her pocket and turns to look at me, “yes you fucking are,” and walks towards the door.

The door opens and before I hear it close I hear her voice trailing off, “don’t contact me again.”