Stereotype of a Bull/Alpha Male

Trying to keep a separation of clean writing and fantasy indulgence is difficult sometimes.  Even when the intention is to merely write a semi-short blog post about cuckolding it’s very easy to fall down the wrong hole and make it all about self gratification.  Hopefully I’ll be able to resist, but I’m apologizing beforehand in case I fail.

While maintaining this separation I’ve come across some amusing observations, specifically in the cuckold-centric world.  While I’ve definitely had experiences in the cuckold world I wouldn’t say I’m a large part of the community.  The majority of the time I’ve joined any forums or websites it was merely, as mentioned above, in an aim of self gratification.  To be surrounded by cock and fantasy, to put it plainly.  But as far in this world as I’ve made it I’ve made some observations.  The first I’d like to delve into is regarding the Bull or Alpha Male.

On Twitter this morning (and nearly every morning it seems) I always notice the same post from a particular user.

Show me your wife!

Or something in a similar vein.  This one user isn’t the only one doing it, of course.  There are a number of them out there looking to take advantage of some naive, horny fool looking to get off on their cuckold kink and thinking this person really is the great Bull they claim to be.

Show them your wife.  Send them personal, private nude pictures so they can jerk off under false pretenses of being a big, strong Alpha Bull.
Men are so silly.

In plain view this twitter user is displaying a basic characteristic that an Alpha Male/Bull typically has.  He can get whatever he wants whenever he wants it.  If he wants to fuck your wife all he should have to do is tell you, “send me your wife’s tits, cuck.”

And you’ll happily do it, offering her up for his large, thick cock to grow hard to and cum while thinking about.  Perfect.

However I think most Alpha Male’s don’t really need to bother with this on a regular basis.  Sure, they might want to get a new piece of candy to try every once in a while.  Advertise out to their slew of beta boys begging to be owned and telling them to offer up their wives and girlfriends so they can feel what a real man’s dick is like in their cunt.  But for the most part, I can imagine, these Bulls have exactly what they want to the limit they want.  And if they don’t they definitely don’t need to ask on a daily basis.

An Alpha Male is an uber-confident stud of a man.  He doesn’t have to have a ripped physique and bulging muscles, he just has to have an air of conceit and vanity about him.  He knows his worth and he knows he can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants, and if they don’t want to then they weren’t worth it anyway.  A Bull doesn’t get rejected, he’s just saved from someone who doesn’t know a good thing when it’s offered.

This type of man doesn’t go posting on Twitter every day telling people to DM him their wives and girlfriends.  He’s got people offering them.  He’s got women he’s met in public, sometimes married or taken women, offering themselves.  They want him, he isn’t in desperation for them.

Another aspect of an Alpha Male/Bull is their cock size.  I’m sure that it isn’t something that’s true 100% of the time but I’m sure it’s true more often then not that an Alpha Male is a big dick.  It’s where he gets his confidence from.  His inflated sense of ego is in line with his engorged cock when he’s ready to fuck your wife.  The way she looks at it when she pulls it out of his boxers for the first time is what feeds him.  She’s impressed and he loves when people are impressed.  They should be, he’s magnificent.
Although enormous cock size isn’t necessary to be a Bull, I don’t believe I’ve ever known any that have had below average sized dicks.  The bravado necessary to fuck another man’s wife or girlfriend can’t be easily obtained when there’s a chance his dick is bigger, or at least the same size, as the Alphas.  The bigger the dick, the bigger chance the guy’s an Alpha male.

Ideally a Bull is going to be in great shape.  When a hot wife, or cuckold wife, is fucking a man other than her husband she isn’t going to go for someone that is in nearly the same condition as him.  She’s trading up.  She wants a piece of candy to indulge in.  She wants someone with big arms that can lift her up in the air and fuck her against the wall.  His tongue in her mouth while she bounces up and down on his cock, holding her up by her legs as they dangle off the sides of his elbows.  Big cock, big muscles, full cunt.

His interaction with the woman is confident.  He knows that she wants him and he’s picked her because he wants to hit that pussy just right.  This interaction is all about sex and he’s going to show her that she needs him.  If he hits it right she’s going to be thinking of him the next time she wants to fuck.  She will be on his phone so she can be on his dick.
His interaction with the cuckold is arrogance.  The cuckold is nothing to the Bull.  The Bull is taking the wife from the cuckold and he knows he’s better at everything that matters, why else is the wife looking?  The Bull can borderline bully the cuck, make orders of him, humiliate and degrade him in front of his wife.  All of this necessary to show the wife which man she should be wanting to fuck, so when the time comes when she’s needing it she’ll make the extra effort to have him come back and give it to her right.  The cuckold is to be shown that he’s not a sexual option for the wife.

An Alpha Male needs to be many things to a woman.  He needs to be reason enough for her to look outside her marriage for sex and carnal gratification.  There has to be an aura about him that she doesn’t regularly receive from her current partner.  The Bull needs to be the bad boy for the good girl.  He has to be the one to let her feel her deep desires and let them go.  He’s an amusement ride and a vacation.  He’s outside of her normal, even if he’s inside of her regularly.  He is everything she needs but doesn’t have.  What he most certainly isn’t is a man asking to see her tits on Twitter every morning.