How big?

The sexiest thing my wife has ever said to me was in reference towards another man’s dick.  She fucks other men and then tells me about it afterwards.  We both get our own fun out of the situation.  She gets regularly fucked by magnificent specimen of the male species and I get to hear about all of her kinky escapades, which align with my own submissive desires.

One night, after one of her dates I was laying in bed next to her and we were getting ready for sleep.  She had already had two orgasms, something that never happened with me, and was ready to drift off to sleep when she felt commotion from my side of the bed.

She turned over and whispered, “I love his dick so much.”

My briefs were already pushed down and I was stroking my cock, her worse encouraged a more rapid pace.  She knew how much I loved hearing things like this.  At first they didn’t come naturally, but I think that was just shyness.  Not a lot of men want their wives talking about how great someone else fucked them, but as it went on she realized it was exactly what I wanted.

I nodded and grunted a heavy, “mmhmm.”

She continued, “I do.  I love staring at it.  Wrapping my hand around it.  I love the contrast in colors.  My white skin against his big black cock.  It’s delicious.  I never really liked putting it in my mouth before, anyone’s, but his?  I lick my lips and love sucking on it.”

“Oh fuck, mmm,” I’d groan and pump faster.  My hand would drop off my cock fairly quickly because I was getting so close to cumming and I didn’t want it to stop yet.

My wife would trickle her fingers across my skin.  She would start at my chest and pinch at my nipples.  They were short, gentle tugs and then she would run them down my stomach and over my hips.  She was excellent at teasing me and not giving me exactly what I wanted.  The teasing was most of the fun and I think she understood this.  As her fingers would drift around my hips and down my thigh, avoiding my needy cock, she would continue telling me things about how her date fucked her.

“As soon as we got in the room he kissed me.  I usually have a thing with mouths and don’t like people’s tongue in my mouth but I loved the way he grabbed hold of me and kissed me.  I love kissing him.  His kisses are smooth and we kiss almost all night when we have sex.  I love the way his hands start to undress me as we kiss too.  It’s so sexy!”

I’ve never told her but one of the highlights of my cuckold fantasy is her kissing other men.  Not more than sex but it’s a in the top five of things I want to see her do.

  1. Kiss another man
  2. Give another man a hand job
  3. Suck another man’s cock
  4. Get fucked by another man (or more than one)
  5. Get a facial

Hearing her going on about kissing him made my hips jerk and I whimpered audibly.  It was a pathetic, submissive, beta sound that the man she was fucking regularly would never make.  I had no problem pushing her further onto his cock and being the submissive cuck I was born to be.

Her hand would eventually end its tease and she would tip toe her fingers over my cock.  It would be half way between stiff and flaccid.  I’d have stopped touching it myself and whenever she would tell me something that turned me on or grazed across my cock it would twitch and jump.  I was merely waiting for her to move between my legs and tease my balls and then I knew it would be all over.

She gripped my cock and gave it a lazy stroke.  It was barely any effort and she had no intention of jerking me off until completion, which I enjoyed the halfhearted enthusiasm more than if she was actually trying to make me cum.

“Oh wow,” she exclaimed, “you’re so much smaller than he is.  Wow.”

I was fully erect now.  The words came out of nowhere and she sounded genuinely surprised.  Less than an hour ago she had his massive, black cock in her hand and in her cunt and mouth and now she was touching my little white dick in comparison and she couldn’t hold back her surprise.

“How much smaller?”  I groaned out, wanting her to continue.

“At least by half.  He’s got to be twice as big as you.  Same with thickness too.  Wow, I never realized how small you were,” and then she giggled out loud and continued toying with my disappointing male sex organ.

I was so turned on.  I couldn’t hold it back.  The images started flowing into my head about how big his cock was and how it was shoved inside of her and fucking her until it unleashed an ungodly amount of cum.  I wanted to hear about her fucking him bareback, even if they didn’t for more than a couple of minutes.  I wanted to imagine him leaking out of her cunt as she went to sleep, all while I was left to finish myself off after she humiliated me by mocking how small my dick was.

Her fingers finally went down and tickled over my balls.  She knew this would finish me off in less than 20 seconds.  I grabbed my cock and started pulling at it and stroking it.  She let one last whisper go to entice me to finish.

“I love how his big black cock fucks me.  It feels so good.”

I managed to resist orgasm to push it further and continue her thought.

“You love his big black cock, don’t you?”

She nodded, her fingers rubbing my balls, “uh huh.  I love his big black cock.  He’s so big.  I love how big he feels inside of me.”

“You only want to fuck black cock now,” I was panting and sputtering the words between heavy breathing.

“Mmm yes.  My pussy is only for black cock now.  I only want his big black cock inside of me.”

That was it.  I didn’t need anything else.  I let out a groan and shut my eyes.  My cock twitched and jerked while sending my cum flying all over my stomach.  My wife turned away and rolled onto her side to drift off to sleep.  I grabbed my briefs and wiped myself down and slowly let my breath catch.

Then I laid there, my cock spent and my mind heavy.  I was drifting off to sleep after an intense orgasm.  I don’t know if it was the strongest I ever had but it definitely as memorable.  Cumming as your wife tells you she only wants to fuck black cock can leave a lasting mark in your mind.  It definitely has with me.