Taking it easy

“Is this your first time?”  Chris asked.

Eric nodded.

“That’s okay.  Don’t worry.  We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  We’ll go slow.”

Eric nodded again and gave a nervous smile.

Chris moved behind Eric and grabbed his hips, “just relax.”

Eric couldn’t relax.  He wanted to but the feeling of another man so close to him always got him worked up.  There had been many days and nights thinking of this moment, the moment where there would be another man’s erection pressed against his backside.  Another man’s hands on his body, getting ready to undress him.  Another man’s lips whispering orders in his ear.  There wasn’t going to be any relaxing.

“You’re so stiff.  We’ll get you loosened up though,” Chris continued his forward progress towards Eric.

“Just a little nervous I guess,” Eric muttered shyly.

Chris liked the shyness.  He found it endearing and extremely sexual.  He liked his men like he liked his women, submissive.  Eric’s demeanor was playing in perfectly to how Chris liked to pursue his sexual desires.

“That’s alright.  You’ll melt soon enough, babe,” he kissed Chris’s ear and felt the rest of him shiver.

Eric’s lips parted and he took a deep breath and just barely held back out a loud, guttural moan.  He didn’t want to seem too eager.  If Chris could see the physical manifestation of Eric’s eagerness he’d be wide eyed with amazement.  Eric was just too in his own head to let it all go, drop to his knees and take his first cock deep into his warm mouth.

Chris decided to take control.  He pulled Eric back against his chest and ran a hand down Eric’s body.  The hand hand passed Eric’s pants and moved between his legs, cupping and squeezing the hardened cock beneath the jeans and boxer-briefs.

“Mmmm, there it is you little slut,” Chris moaned into Eric’s ear.  The words caused Eric to pant and whimper.

Chris’s hand pulled up off of Eric’s crotch and slipped in between the layer of fabric and skin.  He pushed deeper and cupped his bare erection and full balls inside Eric’s pants.  Chris’s lips began sucking on Eric’s earlobe and Eric prayed loudly into the air, his eyes closed and his heart racing.

“Do you want this, Eric?  Do you really want it?”

Chris was toying with him.  He was squeezing Eric’s cock in his hand so his body would buckle forward and he would drop to his knees.  Chris wanted to feel how warm Eric’s mouth was and he wasn’t going to stop until it happened.

“Fuck yes,” Eric whispered in exasperation, his body caving to Chris’s squeeze and collapsing to his knees.

“Then you’re going to take it, all of it.  Don’t stop until you’re swallowing.”

Chris pulled his hand from Eric’s pants as he dropped, then unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down.  Eric hungrily moved towards Chris’s already erect cock, opened his mouth and let it push past his lips easily.

It was amazing how easily and simple it was, Eric though later.  How the very first cock he ever put in his mouth, that he ever even touched went so smoothly into his throat.  How his hand stroked and squeezed it while the other toyed with Chris’s balls.

Eric was impressed by how well it all turned out.  How easy it went.  How little shame or awkwardness he felt after.  Most of all he was impressed by how much he wanted to do it again.  He thought back to the final moments of his first blow job and how Chris had instructed him to undo his pants and stroke his own cock while he swallowed his first load of cum.  It was one of the hottest things he had ever experienced.  He needed to try it again, and soon.

Eric laid back and stripped naked on his bed.  He never did cum, not with Chris, but he was in a deep need to now.  He ran the moments back in his head over and over again.  His fist pumped quickly.  Eric’s mouth pursed and his eyes shut hard.  He wanted another cock and he wanted it bad.  He wanted it so bad that he couldn’t stop stroking his own cock.

He began muttering to himself under his breath as he stroked, “fuck.  Yes.  Fuck, stroke that cock.  Suck it.  You want to suck cock.  Fucking cock whore.  Yes.  Swallow it.  You’re going to get your face painted next time, cock sucking slut.”

After those last few words Eric’s cock let loose a body shaking orgasm.  He grunted and shimmied and his eyes felt heavy and his hand slowly stopped stroking.  His body was covered in his own cum, from his neck to his hips.  He didn’t want to move and wasn’t sure he could if he had to.  He was spent and his cock was limp and he laid and drifted off to sleep covered in his own cum, hoping the next day he might be covered in someone else’s.