St Patrick’s Day Erotica Special: Always Wear Green On St Paddy’s Day

Mr. Ericks’ hand stroked the young girl’s head.  His fingers slipped between her thick, wavy locks and pulled the ends straight out until they fell back to her.  He repeated the action as he spoke to her.

“My dear girl, you knew the rules.  You broke them.  Now you have to adhere to the punishment.”

His voice was calm and his touch was comforting.  He didn’t want to shame her, his only intention was to reinforce the consequences of bad behavior.  Secretly he was happy she broke the rules, though.  This punishment was special and could only be administered once a year.

Olivia nodded and cooed quietly at the feel of his hand against her head.  She was on her knees at his feet with her cheek resting against his thigh as he sat on his chair in the kitchen.  It was morning and he was telling her the plans for the rest of the day.

“We’ll spend the morning in, dear girl.  You can tend to your studies and we’ll enjoy a nice lunch.  You can handle preparation, right?”

She lifted her head from his lap and smiled at him with a nod to acknowledge and show  that she would be happy to do so.

“Good girl.  We’ll head out after.  Your outfit for the evening will be laid out on your bed after lunch.  You can primp yourself and slip on your clothes and we’ll be on our way.  Does that sound fine?”

Olivia nodded again as she put her head back against his lap.  She enjoyed the feeling of his thigh against her cheek.  The way he stroked her hair made her shiver and she loved it.  She wished every morning could be spent like this, an adoring pet at her Master’s feet while he enjoyed the feeling of his affection.  She was especially happy her disobedience did not sway him from his normal demeanor.

She was a bit nervous of the punishment as he hadn’t told her what it was, merely that if she broke the rules she would be punished in a special way.  Now all she could do was wait until the punishment was administered.   The waiting and worrying about it was enough to make her want to break the rules again, at least then she would have some sense of relaxation.

The rule she broke was one Mr. Ericks was trying to help her with.  Olivia was trying to quit smoking.  He commended her on her effort to better herself but said it wasn’t something he felt was appropriate in their relationship, he as her Master and she as his pet.

“I appreciate you saying that, Sir, but this isn’t something that I am deeming you requested of me.  You have never once said an ill word of my habit, but I am trying to better myself and I can’t seem to resist the urge.  I am hoping that if I am pledging myself to keep my word to you rather than myself then I may be able to resist.  If you would accept this burden.”

Mr. Ericks was still wary of it but if it was something Olivia wanted then he would allow it.

“Okay, pet.  You can pledge this to me but only once.  If you cannot stay true then I won’t allow a second chance.  You’ll have to do it on your own.”

She smiled, “thank you Sir.  I don’t think there will be a need for that.  Thank you.”

“One more thing,” Mr. Ericks reached out and cupped her jaw in his large hand, “if you break the rules and indulge in your cigarettes then you’ll have to be punished as if you broke any other rules.  This is no different just because it is a pledge you’re making to me that you introduced.”

Olivia nodded then fidgeted a little thinking of what the punishment might be, but none was offered.

She did end up breaking the rules.  She needed a cigarette, badly.  Mr. Ericks as unavailable for a week and she had no way of release without him.  She knew it was coming, he told her prior that he was going to be busy with work and he would make it up to her after but she couldn’t resist.  Her own work had gotten stressful and she never was great at dealing with mounting issues, it was what led her to smoking in the first place, she caved and had one cigarette.  The feeling of relief was fleeting as guilt washed over her immediately after.

“Sir,” she hung her head when they were finally able to get together.  She thought it better to tell him in person of her disappointment.

“I’m sorry but I was unable to keep my pledge to you.  In a moment of weakness I had a single cigarette.  I am deeply sorry and ready to receive any punishment you’re ready to instill on me.”

Mr. Ericks shook his head and made a disappointed sound, “tsk tsk, dear girl.  Such a shame.  I had hopes you would be able to resist temptation.  I guess not.  Are you sure you merely didn’t want to miss out on a punishment, greedy little minx?”

Olivia swiftly shook her head, “definitely not Sir.  I pledged to you that I would not smoke and I succumbed to temptation.  I disobeyed you, for the first time in our long time together.  I am deeply sorry.”

“Come here,” he beckoned.

She scurried over to him and stood with her head still sunk downward.  She couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eyes and see disappointment, it would crush her.

“You will be punished, but I’m glad you told me instead of trying to hide it.  That was very brave of you.  You’re a very good girl,” his hand lifted her chin upward and he smiled down at her saddened face.

“Sunday you’ll receive your punishment.  Until then don’t worry about anything, pet,” he leaned down and kissed her lips to seal the words against her.


The afternoon went by as any normal afternoon would.  Olivia prepared her Master’s lunch and served it to him in her usual uniform; a matching bra and pantie set of soft, pastel colors that complimented her well tanned skin tone.  Mr. Ericks enjoyed the way her skin and the soft colors made the color more noticeable.

His eyes watched her rear as she walked around the kitchen, moving from the refrigerator to the counter and then the sink.  The panties hugging her tight cheeks and the delicious crease that separated her thighs from her buttocks when she stood still.  He was becoming hungry just looking at her but he wanted to wait until the evening, she needed to be well rested.

“Olivia, it’s time to get ready.  Run upstairs, shower, pretty yourself up and your clothes will be waiting on the bed when you get out,” he called to her as she was cleaning up after lunch.

She smiled and hurried off up the stairs.  She bounced like a fawn through the thicket.  She was young and agile in her small frame.  Her modest chest held tight to her frame in the halter-styled bra, his favorite look on her.
She was younger than him but it was how they both preferred it.  She admired his age and wisdom and he admired her desire and beauty.  It may not have mattered that beneath the age and wisdom she wanted someone to take care of her, and aside from her desire and beauty he needed her adoration.  They worked well together and that was all that mattered.

Being at the edge of finding out what her punishment would be had given Olivia a bit of a thrill.  In the shower, with the hot steam filling the room and the water scalding her skin bright red she began to wonder what it might be.  Her mind went to what she wanted it to be, a greedy thought of being bound and teased mercilessly until he fucked her unconscious only to wake up next to him the next morning in his embrace.

Her fingers teased her nipples as the soap covered her body.  She ran her fingers down her thighs and nearly between them when she stopped and shook herself free of her lusting.

“No, not yet,” she said aloud to herself.

She needed to focus.  Her punishment wasn’t a reward and she had to take it as what it was supposed to be.
The shower was finished and her hair was combed straight.  The waves naturally would form again as it dried but for now it was straight and smooth.
The make-up was applied and she then exited the bathroom and saw her wardrobe for the evening laid out on the bed.  She furrowed her brow as she stared at it.

There was a red tube top and a pair of black leggings, nothing else.  Olivia stared at it for a moment trying to think if maybe she had finished too soon and he was still finding the rest of the outfit.  She thought of calling out to him but decided against it, she should just put on what he had laid out and let him tell her that he wasn’t finished yet, even if she had to take it all off to put on the under garments.

After putting it on she looked in the mirror and thought she looked like a junior in high school trying to look sexy well before she should be, but everything fit snug and tight and she thought she did look good, even if her nipples were hard and could be seen quite easily, not to mention what could be seen between her legs if she bent over.

“Um, I’m ready, I guess, Sir,” she said as she made her way into the living room where he was waiting, dressed ready-to-go in a light-green buttoned-shirt and slacks.  Not exactly anything matching what she was dressed in.

“You guess?”  He inquired.

She nodded, “I thought maybe, but no.  This is it.  I understand.”

“Do you?”  Mr. Ericks asked without emotion.

She smiled, “I guess I’ll find out.”

She thought she knew what was going to happen.  A punishment of sorts without any of the fun really.  They would go out into public, with lots of people, and they would ogle her and stare at her in this ridiculous outfit and she would feel awkward as if she was put on display.  He knew she didn’t care for vast amounts of attention and what better way to give her something she couldn’t turn into pleasure than people gawking at her in clothing she would never wear.

Mr. Ericks stood up and moved next to her, his arm around her and a finger slipping in her waistband, “you will, soon enough.”

He kissed her cheek and they left to be on their way.


The drive lasted a short while without an explanation of Olivia’s punishment.  She assumed what she figured was the case and that he knew she knew, which was why there was no need for an explanation.

When they pulled into a parking space outside of a building she had never been to before, Mr. Ericks stopped her as she unbuckled.

“You punishment, would you like to know what it is?”

Olivia nodded, “I think I know but, yes please tell me.”

“Do you know what today is, pet?”

“Sunday, Sir,” she smiled.

“Is it any other day as well?”

She tilted her head and thought for a moment, “I don’t think so.  Why?”

Mr. Ericks smiled, “poor girl.  It’s St Patrick’s Day.”

“Oh is it?!  I’m sorry, Sir.  I never could follow this day.  It’s never meant that much to me aside from in elementary school and making sure to wear green on it.”

He stared at her and raised his eyebrows until she clued in.

“What?”  She laughed nervously.

“You just said it.”

“Said what?”

“Make sure you wear green.”

She looked at him puzzled for a moment then noticed his shirt again and remembered the clothing he picked out for her on the bed.  Her eyes ran wide and his smile matched.

“Let’s go, pet.  You’re going to be sore by the end of the night.”

They both exited the car and walked around the building to the front entrance.  It was raucous and the door was closed, when it opened the sound, smell and lights came pouring out on to the street.  As they pushed into the crowded bar there was a loud cheer for new people and drinks raised.  Both Mr. Ericks and Olivia smiled and nodded to the greeting.

Mr. Ericks placed his lips against the back of her ear to ensure she could hear him over the live music and cheering.

“It’s St Patrick’s Day, my dear pet, and you’ve forgotten to wear green.  Silly girl,” he kissed her ear and continued.
“I’ve brought you to this bar, a friendly establishment, and on St Patrick’s Day they have one rule, you wear green.”

Olivia looked at the sea of men and women wearing all shades and volumes of green clothing.

“If the rule is broken anyone within the establishment, patron or worker, has the right to give you a pinch anywhere on your body or a firm spank on your ass.  It’s advertised on the front door so anyone not wanting to participate is welcomed to not enter.  Your punishment is to participate.  You’re going to make your way around the bar all night long and bend over when anyone gives you a spank and thank anyone that gives you a pinch.  If its been too long since you’ve received either then you’re going to move around and find people who have yet to punish you and invite them to do so.”

Olivia felt a shiver run through her.  She was exposed to strangers and she was going to be spanked and pinched all night long until her Sir had deemed her punishment paid in full.  She bit her lower lip and whimpered at the thought of it.

“Hey!  No green!”  A man near her said and took a hard pinch of her arm.  She yelped at the unexpected grab and quickly turned it into a smile.

“Thank you!”  She yelled and waved to him, pushing by the crowd with Mr. Ericks.

They were making their way towards the back when she felt another grab on her hip, a quick pinch and she turned around to yell a random thank you to the person she never saw.  Mr. Ericks was enjoying her participation.

When they found a table with a couple of chairs he sat down and invited Olivia to sit as well.  A waitress came by and greeted them both, “can I get you anything?”

Olivia looked to her Master and he shook his head no, “nothing for me.  Olivia will have a beer though, whatever she’d like.  Oh and do you notice something on her?”

The waitress turned to Olivia and scanned her up and down, “no green.  Sorry sweetie.  Do you mind standing up?”

Olivia nodded and stood up, knowing what was coming, and bent over.  The waitress slapped her firmly on the behind and the nearby patrons all cheered.

“What’ll it, sweetie?”

Olivia shook her head, “doesn’t matter.  Something in a bottle.”

She didn’t like drinking out of glasses in a place she’d never been before.  The waitress nodded and smiled and made her way off in the crowd.  Before Olivia could sit another person nearby saw the waitresses ass slap and came up behind Olivia.

“Sorry Miss, no green, do you mind?”

She shook her head no and bent over.  The man gave her a light rap on the butt and then nodded a thank you to her, but before she could stand up most of the tables nearby had noticed the young girl wearing only red and black.  Most of the male occupants had let their alcohol-filled state take control and they were beginning to line up.

Olivia looked at Mr. Ericks while biting her lip in a slightly anxious state.

“It’ll be okay, pet.  Bend over.  They each only get one.”

She nodded and bent herself in an obtuse angle as the swats of her butt began to land.  After each one the man would cheer himself on and the rest of the surrounding people would cheer as well, throwing their hands up in the air.  After the seventh man’s slap, each to a varying degree of firmness, Olivia started to feel her cheeks sting beneath her black leggings.

Despite Mr. Ericks calming words Olivia felt like the line was never ending.  As each new swat landed against her backside she lurched forward into more of a right angle.  Her ass was jutting outward and the men were enjoying watching her body jump as they slapped her ass hard, not knowing she had no panties on and the slap was sometimes connecting nearly directly with her pussy.

Olivia turned to keep her eyes on Mr. Ericks.  He watched her jump forward with the latest slap.  Her mouth dropped open as the man had given her quite a wallop between her legs, basically slapping her cunt with little of his hand landing on her cheeks.  The next person up gave her a pinch between her legs, making the sting ring harder.  Both of them laughing as they went back to their seats with their girlfriends who were glaring at them for doing what they did.

By the time the line died down Olivia had consumed three beers, the third one coming on the house from the waitress who felt bad she had gotten the whole thing started, not thinking a pretty girl and a bar full of drunken men would be all for groping and spanking this young woman.

Olivia sat down gingerly, wincing as she eased herself into the chair.

Mr. Ericks looked at her, “how are you, my dear?”

She knew he knew how she was, he was making her focus on the pain though.

“I’m good, Sir.  Thank you.”

“Would you like to leave now?  I think you’ve carried out the terms of your punishment.”

She nodded quickly and they both stood up and headed for the exit.  On the way through the crowd she received a few more pinches and squeezes of her hips.  One man pinched her on the ass and she yelped in pain as the pinch turned into a grab.  Mr. Ericks pushed through the crowd to get them out and finally made it through the door.  Olivia’s behind was throbbing in pain and all she wanted to do was lay down.

Mr. Ericks threw his hand around her waist and held her close, giving her a kiss on the cheek, “you did marvelous in there, my pet.  You held up very well to your punishment.  I’m very proud of you.”

The sound of those words made her feel a slight better, the pain was still harsh and emanated through but it made her smile still.

“Thank you, Sir.  That means a lot.”

The drive back seemed longer than the drive there.  She could not settle for more than a few minutes a time before needing to shift in her seat.  When they finally arrived home she jumped out of the car and hopped up and down whimpering.

“Go on upstairs, pet.  Get in bed.  It’s been a long day,” Mr. Ericks said to her.

She gingerly made her way inside and upstairs.  She threw herself onto the bed and laid, face down, for a few minutes while her cheeks throbbed.  Only tilting to her side when she heard Mr. Ericks come through the bedroom door, his hands were undoing the buttons to his shirt.

“Lay down, on your stomach, be a good girl.”

She obeyed and rolled back onto her stomach.  A moment later she felt his hands on her waist and peeling her leggings off of her waist and exposing her bright red cheeks to the air.  The coolness of the room felt good against her skin, following quickly by his lips that mad her jump and inhale sharply.

His hands reached up and took hers, holding them both and positioning them on her back, folded over at the wrist.  Mr. Ericks lips kissed across her cheeks.  They were soft, delicate kisses that made her jerk and then settle at the soothing feel.

“Spread your legs,” he said softly to her.

Olivia shimmied her legs apart, waddling back and forth with her arms behind her back until her legs were spread wide.
Mr. Ericks kisses continued over her skin.  He kissed between her ass cheeks, pushing his face against her skin to reach her tightness.  Olivia felt his tongue flicker over her hole and she squirmed and bit her lip.

“Lift your hips, my dear.”

She did instantly as his face lifted from her.  Olivia’s core muscles working and pushing her ass in the air and offering her cunt to her Master.  The punishment was leading to something wonderful, she thought.

His tongue lapped at her offered cunt.  He dragged his tongue over her clean-shaven pussy, from clit to anus.  Repeating the motion a few times before removing any restraint and pushing the length of his tongue into her wanting pussy and causing her to moan into the sheets.

Olivia pressed her face deep into the bed, moaning loudly as Mr. Ericks let go of her hands and grabbed both of her ass cheeks.  The pain of his hands on her cheeks and the pleasure of his tongue in her cunt was the perfect mixture she needed.  Sweet and sour to the core and it rumbled through her abdomen and shook her pelvis in an eruption.  She turned her face to cry out as the orgasm ripped through her entire body, shaking and shattering her ability to hold herself in the current position and dropping flat against the sheets.

Mr. Ericks removed himself from her and walked around the bed, helping pull her up to the pillows and cover her lower half with sheets.  Olivia was nearly passed out, but managed to stay conscious to watch him strip his clothes off and slip into bed next to her.

Olivia muttered in a half orgasmic drunken voice, “Sir, nothing for you?”

Mr. Ericks shook his head and kissed her lips, “no no, dear.  You’ve done enough.  Tasting your pussy was all I needed tonight.  You go to sleep.”

She smiled and closed her eyes, making soft cooing sounds and hugging the sheets to her chest.

Mr. Ericks kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear as she drifted off, “that will make you think twice about smoking again though won’t it, pet?”

It would, and did.