Not My Bed Anymore

Change the sheets.  Wash the blanket.  Don’t forget the pillows.

I always get so excited doing this.  Setting everything up for her while she’s in the living room enjoying a glass of wine.

“Hey, can you pick out a pair of panties for me.  Something cute,” she called from the other room.

Picking out her underwear was a special treat.  It was something that had to be earned.  I couldn’t just pick out the sluttiest pair she had.  A thong or g-string that would be uncomfortable just because it looked nice.  I had to pick out something that fit the mood.  That hugged her hips and showed off her thighs.  A color that complimented her outfit so when she was half undressed and the panties or bra were showing it would be that much more enticing.

I rummaged through her underwear drawer like a 80s frat-boy movie character.  A pair of red boy shorts.  She was going to wear something black so the red should be a nice contrast as her bottoms were being ripped off of her.

“Hey, did you get them?”  She walked into the room as I pulled out the matching bra.

“Oh, good!  Thanks.  Will the sheets be ready?”

I nodded, “yeah, they’ve been in for half an hour.  It shouldn’t be too much longer.”

“Good, have them on by the time I get out of the shower.  He said he’ll be ready soon.”

He, of course, wasn’t me.  He was the one who was going to be enjoying the fruits of my labor though.  The fresh sheets and the sexy panties.  The curves and crevices of my tipsy wife.  He was going to be coming over and they would be making this room their own.  This bed was going to have their naked bodies writhing all over it for a couple of hours.  Then, when he was done pushing her to the extremes of her lust-filled mind, they would part ways until they were ready to go through the cycle again.

It made me excited, thinking about it.  Another man fucking my wife.  Another man’s hands on her body.  His lips against her lips.  Her hand in his pants squeezing his cock.
I was aroused beyond belief.  My own little cock was hard and pushing out at my pants.  Everything that happened on these nights kept me in a state of arousal and I did everything I could to keep myself at the edge.  My wife helped out with that as well, although I don’t believe it was intentional.

She had been fucking him for about a year now.  She had been fucking other men for a few years but this guy seemed to give her exactly what she wanted.  Or, even better, he gave her what she needed.  He left her pussy satisfied on a nightly basis.

Because of that she hasn’t fucked me in over a year.  I don’t know exactly how long it had been but it’s definitely been over a year since I last had my dick in her.  Before that I’m not sure the exact number, but in the last two years I’ve had sex less than five times.
She even hasn’t touched my dick in about 10 months.  At first she would fuck her other men and then get in bed and give me a lazy handjob until I was to the point where I needed to cum and I’d take over and cum and she would roll over and go to sleep.  That hasn’t happened in a long, long time though.  I was slightly frustrated by it but it made the moments like this more intense.  Wanting it but knowing its not going to happen.

She treated me as if I wasn’t there.  Or, I was there but I wasn’t something she had any consideration of sexuality towards.  I was like a girlfriend or a professional wardrobe assistant.  She would ask me to fetch her things and not think twice of me going through her panties or helping her put on her stockings.

In the last few months she even began undressing in front of me again, but it was much different now then it had been in the past.
In the past, before all of her extracurricular activities, she would undress and ask me if she looked good.  She’d be somewhat shy of stripping naked in front of me and always keep a layer of clothing on or slip quickly into something or under the blanket.

Then came the questions.  They were similar to the question asking if she looked good but slightly different.

“Do you think other men would fuck me?”

It was an odd question and I answered it the only way I could think, “I don’t know about other people but I would.”

“Yeah, but you have to say that.  Would other people fuck me?”

“Of course they would, you look good.”

And that was enough to satisfy her insecurity.  It stayed like this for a while, asking of random men would think she was sexy.  Until she met someone and she started cuckolding me.  The question became more specific now.

“Do you think he’ll want to fuck me in this?  Do you think he’ll like it?”

She would say this standing in a newly purchased lingerie set.  I remember on particular set, it was a bodysuit.  It hugged her so good and she looked amazing in it.  I’d suggested, in the past, that she buy one but she always thought she didn’t have the body for it.  I assured her she did, but then they were too expensive.  This one now was perfect.

It was a light pink with black flower-y highlights that ran up the sides and the middle.  The bust of the piece split in the middle but was held together by a sheer fabric that let you see her cleavage.  The straps went over each shoulder and spilled down half of her back exposing more skin.  She looked sexy as fuck and I remember wanting to fuck her in it.

I wanted to push her on the bed and pull the fabric between her legs to the side, shove my cock in her cunt and fuck her until I filled her with cum.  Right there in that outfit, her hair a mess as I slammed into her over and over again telling her how fucking hot she looked.  I didn’t though.  I never touched her in that outfit.  She bought it for him.  She had me help her pick it out.

“Yeah, you look amazing.  He’s going to fuck you really good,” was my answer.  She giggled and told me to shut up.  When she turned around I grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze.  I wanted to cum so bad but she was his toy now.

It went from her being shy around me, because I was the one fucking her, to her only showing me herself in lingerie and underwear because he was only supposed to see her naked now.  She was his and he wouldn’t like it if another man was looking at her naked.  I had become the other man, yet still married to her.  This got my cock hard every time I thought about it.

But as their relationship went further along there was another change.  A couple of months ago I noticed it.  She was stripping in front of me now.  My wife would get completely naked with me in the same room, more so than she had ever done before.

I would be looking for her panties and she would be by the closet and took every piece of clothing off her body and stand there in the nude.  I could see her breasts and nipples.  her shaved pussy.  Her ass and even her cunt when she would bend over and look for something.  It was as if I wasn’t even there, or more accurately, that she didn’t care that I was there.  I had become less than a man to her.  I wasn’t something that was worth fucking, or even considering so she didn’t consider me when she completely undressed.

Looking at her naked body got my cock so hard.  I’d stare at her and she wouldn’t even acknowledge my eyes.  She would walk by me as if I were a mannequin.

“I’m getting in the shower now, be ready when I’m done,” is all she would say.

The door would close to the bathroom and the water would turn on.  The next time I would see her she would have a towel wrapped around her body and another around her hair to dry.

I was nothing.
To her, I didn’t even have a cock.  Not one that mattered enough to consider real anyways.  I couldn’t fuck her like he could.  I couldn’t do anything as well as he could.  She loved every bit of the way he fucked her and tell me afterwards how amazing his dick felt.  How incredible he was at making he cum.

“It felt so good.  Oh my god.  But my stomach hurts, it felt like I did a whole work out,” she would say.

He fucked her deep and long.  She didn’t even make him wear condoms anymore.  I hadn’t fucked her without condoms in years.  The possibilities ran through my head and got me excited.  The brief eroticism of her getting pregnant and fucking another man with a huge pregnancy belly sent me into overdrive.
I ended up stroking my dick in bed that night.  Jerking off furiously.  Breathing heavily and masturbating in a bed that just had an intense, long fuck session happen in it not even an hour ago.  The smell of his cock and her cunt together was still hovering around the ceiling.  Her moans and his grunts were still swimming along the pillows.  The blankets and sheet was ruffled with the constant flow of their fucking.  All of this while I was left to jerk off, stroking my little dick with my hand.  Pumping it until it shot my load of cum into my underwear and I would collapse onto the bed.

The bed where they were naked and fucking.
The bed where he strips the clothes from her body.
The bed that I sleep in and they fuck in.
The bed that is no longer mine.

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