The All Male Experience

Being a hedonist means sometimes you just want to be a whore for cock.  You want to crawl down onto your hands and knees and be filled from both ends.  Your mouth slurping on the shaft of one man while another man is behind you with his hands on your hips pushing into you.  Ecstasy to the highest degree.  It’s like a drug that you’re indulging in and at that moment you don’t care what else is happening in the world because you’re full of cock and that’s all that matters.

The top level of threesome enjoyment is a MMF style, but a very close second is a MMM combination.  What makes it even more fun is when you’re the sole focus of the MMM threesome, getting the enjoyment of every cock focused on you.  Even more so for a kinky mind that likes to play the feminine role, you get to feel like the girl of a MMF threesome.

I’ve enjoyed this experience before, twice actually.  Both times were with the same two guys and they went down strikingly similar each time.
I met them online.  Posting ads looking for someone who could fulfill my interest in experiencing a MMM threesome.  There weren’t a lot of serious replies though.  Most men looking to indulge in their bisexual side are looking for extreme discretion.  One other guy that they can hide out with, suck their cock and be on their way.
Of course these guys would love to have a cock party where a bunch of naked men let subby sluts drop to their knees and suck off whoever you wanted, whenever you wanted, but that would be a little too out there for them.  This was a hidden side of them and they were cautious.

Eventually I got an answer though.  A man answered, Peter, and he said him and his roommate were interested in meeting.  Much to my luck, or lack there of depending on how you look at it, I was in a very horny mood when I got their reply.  It didn’t take much back and forth before I was reading to hook up.

That’s the problem with talking to a guy wanting to hook up when you’re in an aroused state, it’s like grocery shopping while you’re hungry: you often buy things you normally wouldn’t.

In this case I ended up doing things I often wouldn’t.

The aroused state I was in stayed with me.  Over the next couple of days of communication Peter tried to get me to come over and hook up.  He said they were ready whenever I was.  He asked when I had some free time.  He wanted my virgin ass and not so virgin mouth to be filled with their cocks.  He pummeled me with messages to keep me wanting.  Eventually I wore down enough and one night I agreed to stop in.

They lived in a newer apartment building on the bottom floor, but despite its newness it still appeared to be on the seedy side.  The parking lot was dimly lit and the windows on the bottom floor all had makeshift curtains tossed over the windows to keep the goings-on of inside the rooms completely out of view.  A single entry door with moth’s buzzing around the light in front of it that led into a yellow-lit hallway.

Peter’s last message after I agreed was simple and straight forward, although it felt like it was a drug deal from a movie.

The door’s always unlocked, room 122, just knock.  

I was nervous.  Of course I was nervous, I had pulled into the epitome of what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-ville’s parking lot.  I wasn’t even aroused anymore because I was walking into something I was unsure of, yet I couldn’t stop myself.  The need to try this was so deep that I did it anyway.  I got out of my car, walked through the door and down the hall to apartment 122 and knocked.

The door opened to a sad looking two room apartment.  There was a kitchen immediately after the door, a darkened bedroom straight beyond that and to the right was a living room style area.  There might have been a third room or even a hallway to the immediate right of the kitchen, I’m not sure.  I didn’t look around too much.

I nodded a meek hello to the man who opened the door.  There was a greeting but it wasn’t warm and friendly, but more as if I were dropping off a food delivery.  Was I the food?  A snack maybe?  I could get on board with that type of thinking.

The man who answered the door was older and shorter than I was.  I had scraggly white hair and a slim body.  He wasn’t much to look at but that didn’t stop me from sucking the cock of my first bisexual experience so I didn’t think twice at this point either.  Anything for sexual fulfillment and experimentation.

I had taken my shoes off and the man led met into the darkened room in the back.  As I got within a few steps I saw another man sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen.  He looked younger than the first man, had a shaved head with dark hair and was also very slim.  I was probably bigger than both of them combined, being at least 4 or 5 inches taller than the second man.

As I got closer the first man gestured toward the one sitting at the computer, “that’s Martin there.”

Martin gave a slight head turn and a nod and I softly replied, “hey.”

If that was Martin then the other man must have been Peter, the person who I had been communicating with.  Peter offered me some marijuana and I politely declined.

“I guess we should strip then, huh?”  Peter had already begun undoing his pants.

None of my homo-erotic encounters were ever what I would have hoped they were.  One had potential and could have turned into something if we had more chances but they never came.  This felt so robotic.

Take off your clothes so I can put my dick in you.

I wanted to be overtaken.  Touched.  Groped.  Stripped.
This felt more like I was a prostitute and he wanted to get his money’s worth from the time he bought.
I wasn’t even getting paid.

Peter was completely undressed before I even got my shirt off.  He had a small dick, too.  It was shorter and not as thick as mine was, and I was on the low side of average at 5 inches long.

We had already discussed in our correspondence about what we wanted to happen.  He asked if I wanted to do the fucking or if I wanted to be fucked.
I told him that I only really liked to be fucked and suck, although I wouldn’t mind if someone else wanted to suck my cock as long as it was done last.  There was this thing whenever I was with another man that I didn’t want to cum until everything was all over.  There was this weird sense of shame and guilt that always rushed over me after I had been brought to orgasm and it was very difficult to get back into it and have to finish someone else off if I was regretting every moment that led to this moment.
So Peter was crawling onto the bed and as I was undoing my pants and pulling my boxers off.  My cock wasn’t erect as the nervousness of the situation was still holding its power over me.

I looked over at Martin, still facing the computer monitor and then back at Peter.

“He’ll join in, don’t worry.  He’s got a big cock too so you’ll know when he joins in,” Peter snickered and stroked his little cock in front of me.

I nodded then looked back at Martin and beyond him and noticed that he had gay porn on his screen.  Two muscular white men fucking each other on pornhub.  It was odd that he was sitting there watching porn and not jerking off.  It was more odd that he didn’t get up and join in, but I wasn’t looking to question anything.

I crawled onto the bed on my hands and knees and dropped my head down over Peter’s lap.  His hands moved and rested on the back of my head, “there, there.  Now you’ll get a good taste.”

Peter’s entire cock fit easily in my mouth and I began bobbing my head up and down on it.  He talked the entire time between his groans.  Lecherous and crude words left his lips as I moved my head up and down on his cock.

“There you go, cock sucker.  You love having a dick in your mouth, don’t you?  Go on, go on, suck it.  You’ll get that jizz.  You’ll swallow it.  Don’t worry, cock sucker, it’s gonna come.  You’ll get that hot jizz in your needy throat.”

The saliva was building in my mouth and I had to pull off and stroke his cock for a moment to catch my breath.  I slurped his pre-cum mixed with my saliva into my mouth and panted over his cock as he continued.

“Fuck, you’re a good cock sucker.  Pump that cock.  Get that hot jizz all over your lips.  I’m gonna paint your face.  You’re gonna look so good with my jizz dripping down your face.  Isn’t he, Martin?  Isn’t he gonna look nice with freshly squeezed jizz running down his cheeks?”

There was a grunt from behind me in acknowledgement of Peter’s dirty talk.  Martin had stood up and moved behind my ass.

“Pete, where’s the condoms?”  He asked in a casual voice.

“Over there,” Peter pointed at the nightstand, and after a short bit of rustling and the tearing of the wrapper I felt Martin’s hands on my hips.

“You’re going to get it now, cock sucker.  Martin’s big dick is about to fill your tight little asshole.  Kiss that cherry goodbye,” Peter placed his hand back on my head and lowered me back to his dick.  My lips surrounded him and I continued to bob my head as his repetitive dirty talk continued and Martin’s cock pressed against my tightness.

“Fuck him, Martin.  Fuck him,” Peter urged him, but Martin was gentle and easy.

He pushed in slowly and I pulled my lips off of Peter’s cock as I felt Martin enter me.  My hands were lazily stroking up and down Peter to keep him in it as Martin’s cock pushed further in.

It didn’t hurt like the first time I was fucked.  The first time I got fucked the guy had no condom and he jack-hammered me into the floor with no mercy.  Martin was gentle and slow.  There was no lube but the condom’s smoothness and slickness let it slide in with little resistance.  His cock pushed all the way in until I felt his hips against my ass and his hands squeezed my hips, and then he fucked me.

The pornhub site was left on as he was fucking me and I could hear it faintly as I was being fucked.  The manly moans and groans from the guy who was getting filled and the gruff, grunting voice of the man who was doing the fucking.  It felt like a cliche, a bunch of men having a threesome with gay porn on in the background.  The light from the monitor shining on this beastly fucking.  Three cocks, two inside one man and the third getting harder as he’s being fucked.

I started to get really into it.  I was mumbling and muttering over and over again as Martin picked up speed.  My voice was whiny and needy.

“Oh fuck.  Mmm fuck yes.  Fuck me.  Fuck me, please.  Fuck me, please.  Please fuck me.  I need it.  More.  God more.  Harder.”

Over and over again I whimpered as I got fucked, my hand was still stroking Peter’s cock, putting it back in my mouth was far from my mind.  All I wanted was for Martin to keep fucking me.  I wish he would have pulled out, ripped the condom off of his dick and shoved it back in.  I wanted him to grab my cock and jerk me off and tell me to cum with his dick inside of me.  I wanted all of my homosexual fantasies to be fulfilled in that moment.

They weren’t though.  It continued on just as it was happening.  It’s funny how a situation can be memorable and fondly thought of but at the same also be a let down.

Martin continued to fuck me slow and steady.  He held my hips and pushed into me over and over again.  I was humoring Peter’s cock in my mouth as he was continuing his rambling about me and his cock and Martin fucking me.  It all happened so incredibly casually it reinforced my notion of feeling like a prostitute there for a transaction.

Martin pushed into me and held for a moment.  His slow, methodical rocking stopped and I could feel his grip on my thighs.  There were no sounds though except the videos on the computer screen, now having cycled to a new one of three men all wagging their tongues along each other while naked.

He pulled out of me and stood for a moment.  I could hear the condom snap off of his dick.  The sloshing, slick sound a condom makes when it’s pulled off a cock that just spilled its load.  Then he was gone.  Martin had fucked me, pulled off his condom and walked out of the dark room in the corner and around into the living room.

I would see later, when I left, that he was naked and sitting on the couch smoking a joint.  When Peter said I was going he lifted his hand and gave it a single thrust in the air as a goodbye.  I don’t remember what was on the TV that he was watching but he never even turned his head or made eye contact with me.  He fucked me and wandered out of the room to get high and watch something.  It was bizarre and a little hot how indifferent he was to me as just another ass to stick his dick in.

But I was still left with Peter and his arousal.  He wasn’t finished yet and I couldn’t just up and leave without satisfying both people.

He asked, “you want to keep slurping my dick or you wanna get fucked again, cock whore?”

I could have gone with neither but I had enough of his dick.  I’m not sure if he was struggling to cum or he couldn’t easily, either way I wanted him to finish so I gave him my preference.

“You can fuck me if you want.”

He smiled and crawled off of the bed behind me.

“You’re going to have to get down some, you’re too high,” he told me.

My height and the length of my legs were much too high for him to slide inside of me so I had to spread my legs really wide so my ass was even with his waist.  My cock was hard and scraping against the sheets and blanket.  He slipped in easily, having been spread wide from Martin’s cock, and he bucked his hips into mine.  My cock grazed back and forth against the bundled sheet and made the experience much more intense then it would have been otherwise.

Peter continued his vocal participation, “there you go.  You’re getting more dick tonight.  That hungry asshole is getting fed.  It’s gonna sip on some hot cummy jizz tonight.  It wants it.  That cock hungry asshole wants it bad.”

Over and over again he went.  The more he talked the heavier I felt his breath on my back.  He was panting and fucking me and his speech was slowing.  My body was rocking back and forth and my cock was twitching from the sensation against the sheets.

It wasn’t nearly as good as Martin.  Not even close.  The only thing keeping me in a place of contentedness was that I had a second dick inside my ass in a matter of minutes.  I was being fucked my two men on the same night and it made me feel dirty and slutty.  I loved it so fucking much.

If only Martin had stayed and let me nurse on his cock while Peter fucked me I would have been in bliss.  I’d have let Peter continue all night long if I could have just sucked and slurped on Martin’s dick after he had fucked me.  Having been rotated on made me shiver.  I had begun to think of what it would be like with three or four men and my mind started to wander and think how far I might take this when Peter grunted and groaned and slid out of me then tossed himself on the bed.

“There you go.  A nice fuck to end your night.  You get your craving filled, cock slut?”

Peter was catching his breath and laying on the bed.  I nodded and smiled, “uh huh, yeah.  Thank you.”

Then I quickly began getting dressed.

I didn’t cum.  I hadn’t intended to really.  It goes back to my feeling after I cum of regret and shame.  Societies weird insistence on making you feel bad for enjoying the sexual companionship of other men.  It’s probably mainly my own thing I need to get over, and it’s getting there but upon climax it comes back quite frequently.

I dressed and thanked Peter again quietly.  He nodded and smiled a devilish smile, “anytime you wanna get fucked let me know.  Say bye, Martin.”

Then the hand flick from Martin and I was through the door and on my way to my car in the dark parking lot.  I got in and quickly drove out.  I don’t know why but I just wanted to get away from the entire building, thinking someone I knew was going to see me some how and ask what I was doing there so late at night.  The nervousness kicking in as usual.

I got together with them again a few months later.  Peter messaged me randomly in the following weeks and one night he caught me in another needy mood.  I went over and it was nearly the exact same experience, only this time I was much less impressed by Martin’s dick.  He didn’t seem as big and I could feel him even less.  Peter was just as creepy seeming and I slipped out of there even quicker than before, thanking them again.

I got emails from Peter on and off for weeks after that too but I decided I would move on.  I had my first MMM threesome experience and then I did it again.  Going for it a third time with the same two guys didn’t really make much sense if it wasn’t very enjoyable the second time.

I did it though.  That was one of the things I wanted to try and I did it.  I’m happy it’s something I can look back on and think of in a positive way.  Of course, with nearly everything, there are moments that I wish were different.  Things I wish I could change or alter slightly.  But over all it was a great time to think of and play around with in my mind.  That time when I let my dick lead me into getting fucked by two men at the same time.  I was a dirty cock whore and I loved every second of it.

8 thoughts on “The All Male Experience

  1. Mercury the Scribe says:

    Omg I always feel like I have so much to say when I read your work. It’s brilliant.
    I love how you start off. It almost felt like an academic approach to a MMM threesome haha
    And thr line ” it’s like groccery shopping while you’re hungry: you often buy things you normally wouldn’t.” man….I love that cause Ive been there. Still go there. Oh and my other favorite line “pull your pants down so I can put my cock in you” gave me the feels cause honestly i felt very used at one point but not in a good way. I just felt those words really resonate to how ive felt about sexual encounters.

    This was a great piece! I keep trying to write some erotica for my blog but keep procrastinating haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BSquaredVille says:

      I love all of your comments, say as much as you want! 🙂
      I’m really happy you’re enjoying everything. I write a lot for myself but it’s great when someone else likes it too.

      I always found it hard, at the start, to write erotica because it can be so personal. Putting all of your kinky thoughts out into the world can make a person feel vulnerable, so I can understand the procrastination (even if it isn’t exactly that).
      I’ll keep an eye out for it thought if you ever do get one written. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mercury the Scribe says:

        Thank you 🙂 Here I am bombarding your stories with endless drabble on writing style and tone ahaha

        I understand though, when I write erotic scenes (usually not solely an erotica cause I like aliens, elves and gun too much xD) I write what I like. But oddly i’m comfortable on when admitting what I like but not so comfortable when it actually has to involve me LOL I procrastinate cause I got a million ides flying through my head. How do you just sit down and pick one out? I want goblin gangbangs and witch examines but can’t sit down for a moment to finish them. But if I do, which I will (one day) def. gonna let you know. I already have one up but I need to repost it cause i’m doing a prequel.

        Anyhow!!~ I like your work, looking forward to reading the next. I do see you posted something but I have to spend all day in a sake course for work before I can read about releasing the inner bimbo haha

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        1. BSquaredVille says:

          Please, bombard away! I love questions/comments/discussion. It doesn’t have to be only about sex stuff either 🙂

          Goblin gang bang sounds interesting! lol
          I was working on something paranormal-ish. I had an idea of, like, a cursed dildo that turns whoever uses it into the person who used it previous to them. It was kind of a funny idea I came up with one day. I’ve got a few thousand words on it but ran out of steam.

          Yeah the one I just posted was kind of a writing exercise to just get “in the mood” to try and write something with a little more depth. Or, as I usually call it, “jerk off fodder.” lol

          I love hearing when someone enjoys what I write though so I’m very happy you are!
          Hope your course isn’t too dull xoxoxo

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  2. Mercury the Scribe says:

    Haha thanks. It’s good to know my comments are welcome 🙂
    With writing in general I always have so many ideas. I end up writing them all down or starting them at least. Recently ive been reworking old ideas never finished from a few years ago so it actually does help.
    I began the goblin gangbang but I am afraid I’ll shock my readers since they dont see much of my erotica haha

    Totally do a supernatural one!! I exploring alien and monster sex
    And its awesome you dont mind talking about other stuff. I like connecting with other writers and getting to know them.


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