Let me be you cum sponge and I’ll soak up every drop
Slip your cock deep down my throat
Once you start you’ll never have to stop
I’ll crawl around on my hands and knees with my lips around your cock
Harnessed to your manhood
The strap secured and locked
Put your cock inside my mouth when it’s not nearly full length
I’ll be innocent and dough-eyed
My eyes widen at your strength
As your cock grows hard down my throat and fills my lips
I choke and gag on your girth
as you begin to move your hips
You tell me, “calm down and relax yourself to breathe.”
You continue fucking my throat
and pump me full of your seed
I swallow every drop and then suck and nurse the tip
you relax back on the couch
with me still attached to your hip
You doze off on the couch to take a nap while sitting up
I stay kneeling in the harness
I can’t leave, my face is stuck
The nap goes over an hour while I’m helplessly your slave
But i’m a good cum sponge for you
and I’d kneel there all day
When you rouse from your sleep your stuck by nature’s call
Shimmying me to the bathroom
I’m your pliant doll
My own call needing to be answered you move me in the shower
both of us relieved ourselves
The taste much worse than sour.
The day continues on like this in a slight repeat
somethings happening more than once
all the while me suckling at your feet
When the night comes we shimmy towards the bed and the harness remains firm
you throw the blankets over me
between your legs I’ll sleep in turn
Twenty-four hours spent with my mouth attached to your cock and not a minute more
when you finally take it off you say,
“I knew you were a dirty cock whore.”