My Foot Fetish Fantasy

I’ve got a thing for feet.  Women’s feet only.  I’m a sucker for a girl with cute, painted toes.  I guess they don’t even have to be painted, just as long as she lets me see them.  Then hopefully more.
I’d gladly get on my knees and remove her shoes and her socks.  Place on clean, fresh ones if she so desires.  Anything to be close to her feet.
I want to kiss them.  Each toe.  Suck on each toe.  Run my tongue between them.  Kiss along her ankle and her heel.  Drag my teeth over the rough skin and then kiss and suck it.
To have her press her sole against my face would be heaven.
To have her tell me to pull our my cock and have her tease it and flick it with her toes would be erotic bliss.
Then I would love for her to press her foot between my legs, lift so my balls are resting on her feet and have her tell me to stroke my cock.  To tell her when I’m close to cumming.  To push myself swiftly, it wouldn’t take long, and moan it out to her.
She would offer her feet, both of them together.  She would tell me to let every drop coat her feet and toes.  It would be almost instant.  I’d fall forward and my orgasm would spill all over her feet and I would be exhausted.
Then she would lift one of her feet to my face and simply say, “now clean them.  Both.  With your hands behind your back using only your tongue.”
And I would lick my cum from her feet, her toes and her ankles.  Smearing it across my face as she bounced her foot back and forth dodging away from my tongue.  Teasing me.  Laughing and giggling as my face slowly because smeared with cum as she feeds it back to me.  Finally forcing her foot into my mouth, all five toes and telling me to suck the dried cum out of her skin.
Then, when I’m done, she would offer me the other foot and I’d do the same.  I’d love every second of it.  I’d worship her feet.  I’ve got a thing for women’s feet.