Use me as your laundry basket

Can I be your dirty little pet?  Those biking shorts you wore the other day made me jealous.  All I can imagine now is your wonderfully perfect ass bouncing on that extremely lucky seat in those enviable shorts and whatever it is you have beneath them.  I know submissives shouldn’t proclaim what they want to happen and, rather, just take what they are given and be happy for it but that doesn’t mean I don’t fantasize about an ideal situation.

Belonging to you and waiting for you to get home.  Your body sweaty and sticky as you talk aloud to yourself about how you need a shower.  Peeling off your shorts and panties and draping them over my head.  First the panties so the rear settles across my face.  They’re pulled down to let the fabric that was pulled tightest between your cheeks come closest to my nostrils.  Then, over top of those to hold in the sweat, moisture and scent are your biking shorts.  They would be pulled down like a hood for me to wear as you stripped the rest of your body naked for your shower.  Your socks slipped onto my hands like gloves, still moist.

I would sit there until the sweat dried into the clothes.  I’d love your smell and let it permeate into me so deeply that it became a familiar smell, the same way cookies or freshly baked bread are.

And if I was a good boy and didn’t whimper or touch myself for the entire time I adorned your sweaty clothes I would be allowed to use your soaking wet towel as a blanket that evening, the one you dried your body with and sat in after your shower.  I could go to sleep smelling your clean body and scents after sitting and inhaling your sweat and grime.