All Doll’d Up

Let’s play sissy dress up.
I want to wear girly clothes.
They’re so soft and smooth.
From my head down to my toes.
I love the feel of leggings
and how they hug my thighs
panties snug against my cock
its tucked to hide my rise
Sometimes I prefer dresses
or a flowing, floor length skirt
anything with easy access
because I’m a really bad flirt
I really am quite girly
despite my physical look
I’d love to play with another femme
spread her legs like an open book
I want to spend all day
laying in bed while fully dressed
in girls clothing and cock locked up
with another sissy to caress.
So if you’re out there say hello
although I’m a little shy
I’d love to talk about all the girly things
important to this sissy, come say hi