Men kissing men

I want to kiss a man.  I want his hands all over me and his tongue deep in my mouth.  I want to smell him on me.  I want his onslaught to continue until the culmination of his desire is met.  Take me.  Make me yours.  I want to fulfill every lustful need you have.
Just fucking kiss me.  Do it.  Don’t ask permission.  Grab me and kiss me.  I’ll love it, I promise.
While you’re kissing me undo my pants.  Pull them down.  Pull out my cock and stroke it.  Squeeze it.  Rip off my shirt and expose my stomach, my chest, my shoulders.  I want to be naked against you, big strong man.  Grant me every wish I’ve ever had and use me for your pleasure.
I hope we can lay day while we’re kissing.  You over top of me and holding me down.  Your body pressing into mine as your lips do the same.  Pulling down my pants, exposing everything from my waist to my knees.  Kissing hungrily before you can’t take it anymore and pull back.  You flip me over onto my stomach and rip off the last piece of clothing on me.  You strip yourself naked too.  I’m naked in bed with another man and my cock is the hardest its ever been.  Spread my legs, push in.  Fuck me.  Please, you god of a man, fuck me.
I love the way a man fucks.  The jolting thrusts.  His hard grip on my hips.  His heavy breathing down my back.
I want to experience that in bed.  I want our legs wrapped up in each others and my hard cock being pushed this way and that as we grind our waists while kissing wildly and being lost in a moment of pure bliss.
Come on.  Come kiss me.  I’m waiting.  Puckered lips and eager.