You’re Not Gay

I believe you now.  100%.  You don’t need to try and convince me anymore, I’m no your side.  You are not gay.  That’s right.  I don’t think you’re gay at all.

You know how I know that?  There are signs I’ve picked up while watching you.  Little cues.  Flinches and reactions that you might not even notice that you do and after observing you all this time I know now that you’re not gay.  You like women, right?  Of course you do.  You like women.  Girls.  You want pussy, not cock.  Isn’t that right?  Tell yourself that.  Out loud.  You should be proud of it.  Say it with me.

“I like pussy, not cock.  I don’t like cock.  I’m not gay.”

There.  Good boy.  Doesn’t that feel better?  Convincing everyone that you don’t like cock.  That the thought of it doesn’t turn you on.  When you close your eyes and masturbate you aren’t seeing a thick, hard cock sliding into your mouth and using your throat as its personal fuck hole.  You don’t want that at all.  You want a pussy, right?

That soft, pink pussy that you can’t stop thinking about.  Those big, bouncing tits.  Those luscious lips that girls have.  You don’t wish you had lips like that.  You don’t envy them that they can suck cock whenever they want and they’ll have so many men pulling their dicks out as they drop to their knees.  You don’t want to be on your knees anymore at all.  You want to be the one standing, looking down as someone else’s lips wrap around that big, fat piece of meat and swallow that milky white cum.

Say it again with me, “I’m not gay.  I don’t like cock.”

Why would anyone think you’re gay anyways?  It’s not like you get hard whenever you say the word cock, right?  Just hearing me talking about cock is probably making you soft.  Hearing about someone sucking a thick, hard shaft isn’t interesting to you.  In fact its a turn off if you were to watch another man suck someone’s cock.  You surely wouldn’t be fantasizing about being on your knees sucking that cock instead.  Of course not.  That’s what gay men do and you’re not gay.  Not even a little bit.  You want a cunt to stick your cock into.  A pussy man, you are, right?

Go ahead.  Pull out your cock and jerk off while you think about fucking pussy.  Watch some porn even.  You love porn, like all straight men do.  You love seeing those girls get fucked as the big strong man is in control.  Your favorite parts are the close ups of her pussy.  How they zoom in and see her get pounded.  You start jerking faster when it gets to that part.  The man fucking her has got such a big dick too.  He’s probably spreading her pussy wide.  You love it when he moves into her ass though.  Fucking a girl in the ass is most men’s dream, right?  Feeling how tight they are.  How slow you slide into her.  How that big fat cock is disappearing past her tight little anus.  You wouldn’t know what that feels like though, because you’re not gay, right?

Of course not.

The camera is focused on her ass.  I mean, his cock is in there too.  It has to be.  He’s fucking her.  But you’re not looking at that.  You only want to see her ass.  I guess you kind of have to look at it because its right there.  It’s big too.  Really big.  You have to kind of stare at it because its the thing that’s moving.  Its not your fault that it keeps sliding in and out and catching your eye.  You’re trying to focus on her pussy and ass and that big thick cock keeps getting in the way.  Its okay to keep stroking though.  You’re not masturbating to the cock, its the pussy.  The ass.  That’s what you like.

“I’m not gay.  I don’t like pussy.  I mean cock.  I don’t like cock.”

Oh my goodness.  What a silly slip up.  That was an accident, right?  Of course it was.  You love cock.  I mean pussy!  You love pussy, not cock.  Wow.  Where is my mind going?  How funny because you’re not gay.  Right?  You’re totally not gay.  You’re not gay.

How hard is that porn making you by the way?  Really hard huh?  I bet you wish that cock wasn’t in the way.  You’d be the hardest you have ever been if it was out of the way and all you could see was her cunt.  But its okay to jerk off with a cock on the screen because he’s fucking a girl.  That’s all that matters.  Doesn’t it?  I mean, he’s fucking her ass though so that’s not really something that’s strictly making it straight sex.  Guy’s have asses too.  If he was fucking her pussy then jerking off to it would mean you were straight but if you were just watching a guy fuck someone’s ass it could be a girl or a guy and-, well never mind.  You’re not gay so it doesn’t matter.

Oh now is the good part, when the guy pulls out of her and starts jerking onto her face.  Facial’s are the ultimate sense of masculinity.  A straight man loves to give a girl a facial and paint her with his cum.  It shows his dominance over her.  You can jerk off to this and feel good about it because you aren’t gay and there isn’t anything gay about it.

Although, you don’t really start jerking off hard until he cums.  But that’s the main part of the facial, is when she’s covered in come and you can see it running down her face and in her hair, right?  So, maybe that’s not as straight as I thought.  Do you like looking at cum?  Is that why you start jerking off faster when you see her covered in it?  That you get to watch a cock explode onto her face and that’s what makes you orgasm too?  No.  No way.  Because that would mean that you love cum.  And you’re not gay, right?

No.  Now say it again just to be sure.

“I’m not gay.”

You’re not gay.  You don’t like the look of a face covered in cum.  You don’t wish it was you on your knees and having him stroke himself with his cock pointed right at your face and feeling those hot streams of white jizz splash all over your face.  You hate the idea of licking his tip and cleaning him off as it runs down your cheek and neck as he calls you a dirty little cum whore.

You’re not gay.  You don’t want to be fucked in the ass by a man.  You don’t want his cock in your mouth every night and morning.  You don’t wish you could grip his thickness and stroke it while you kiss his firm lips and feel his strong hands on your body.  You don’t want any of that because you’re not gay.  It doesn’t turn you on.  At all.  Your cock isn’t getting hard in your pants while hearing this either.  You don’t want to worship cock because you’re not gay.

Say it again.  Say it for me.  You don’t like cock and you’re not gay.  You don’t want to have a thick shaft deep in your throat while you drool all over it.  You don’t want to be naked with other men.  You don’t like it when they call you their cock hungry faggot while they feed you more and more of their cocks and cum.


Because you’re not gay.


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