I’m a sissy

I’m a sissy at heart.  I like women’s clothes and girly things.  I like to smell pretty and use flowery soaps and shampoos.  My mind is mostly filled with feminine thoughts.

I’m a sissy in lust.  I’m submissive and want to be controlled.  Told what to do and slapped on the ass like a piece of meat.  I want my mouth full of cock and my boi pussy filled too.  My little clitty should be locked up without hope for release because I’m only meant to please.

I’m a sissy in service.  My face makes an excellent seat.  I’ll parade around in skimpy clothing for your’s and other’s enjoyment and thank you for allowing me to do so.  I only want to belong to you.

I’m a sissy in thought.  I like to hear you call me a sissy.  A girl.  A feminized slut.  A cock sucking whore.  Don’t let me think I’m anything but a sissy.  Don’t let me think just tell me what to do.

I’m a sissy.  I want to be feminized and fucked.  I want to be used and teased and frustrated.

I’m a sissy and it’s all I was meant to be.

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