I know, I’m speaking to the masses right now.  It’s weird, I’ve got 53 followers but my view counts are crazy.  Weird how that works.  I guess when you’re just looking to jerk off you find what you’re looking for then bail as quickly as possible.

So, the direction of this blog has taken many turns and its in for another.  For the past while I had been mainly writing about cuckolding and being cuckolded.  I’m still very much into cuckolding and being cuckolded but the focus of my desire for being cuckolded has become a bit more focused.  My fetish is mainly centered around sexual denial, sexual coercion and sexual humiliation.  It’s weird, I know, but most fetishes are weird to other people.

I like dressing up in women’s clothes for sexual purposes.  It’s not something I’d probably do in public (unless it was for the purpose of leading to sex) but in the bedroom or for bedroom purposes I love it.  I love being a “sissy” and feminized.  I love the idea of being bimbofied.  The idea of being “forced” to do something I want to do but am extremely hesitant or too nervous/shy to do.

On top of all of that is the denial factor.  Being pushed to all of these limits and then having my orgasm denied.  Ideally by being caged and unable to do so, but also through strict instruction and training as well.  Currently I haven’t had sex in over a year although I’ve cum hundreds of times, I don’t have the ability to resist on my own.  The fantasy of being locked up in a cage so I can’t is extremely arousing.  The fear fantasy of not knowing when I’ll be let out again is at the highest degree of eroticism for me.

So I’ll write more fantasy.  I’ll write more snippets of prose or poetry.  I’ll write more JOI (jerk off instruction) where its a voice, me or someone else you can replace me with, telling you how to jerk off or giving you fodder to jerk off to.  I love having another person to talk to about some of this stuff with and having them coerce and push the shy and nervous part of the kink over the edge with reinforcement of whatever kind is really sexy to me.  A voice telling you its okay (or not okay in sometimes as reverse psychology) is sometimes all you need to get off in the most euphoric way possible.

So, for you 53 followers and all you random viewers that take a look but don’t like or comment…I’ll be here.  Maybe not consistently but I’ll be here and I’ll always be back whether its here or cycling from twitter, tumble, bdsmlr, fetlife, or anywhere else.  Come find me.  Say hi.  Tell me what you think.  Or, at least, keep on reading.