A Hot Wife Short

Is this for me or for her?  Did it even really matter?

The thought ran through Brian’s head in a moment of clarity.  The curtain was pushed aside and the light shined in and he looked outside as the sun was setting.  Was this a metaphor for his life?  Could he be pretentious enough to even think that thought?  His attention quickly returned its focus back to his wife, Lauren.

His attention returned to Lauren as she was being fucked on the bed in the hotel they rented by the hour.  The curtain was kicked open by her leg as it dangled around the waist of the man who was enjoying her pussy, the first time she had been fucked by another man since Brian and her had married.

Brian was in the chair across the room, near the dresser with the TV on it, facing the table.  He was allowed to have his pants off and his dick out but it had to be hidden from the man’s view.  He there to fuck Brian’s wife, not look at another man’s little dick.

She was in bliss too, as he fucked her.  He fucked her like only a young, muscular man could.  He was the opposite of her husband in nearly every way and she was relishing every second of his naked body against her.

This man didn’t have a name.  He didn’t introduce himself, and even she didn’t even really want him to.  There was something about the taboo nature of it, the naughtiness of fucking someone and not knowing their name.  It wasn’t her and she wanted to be someone else for a weekend, or a day, or even just an evening.

This man took care of his body.  She was sure he hadn’t eaten fast food in the past month, if not longer.  He probably went for morning jogs and had multi-day stops at the gym.  The last time Brian stopped at the gym he threw out his back and was at home for a week from work.  Not this man.

This man often went shirtless and smirked at the women as they admired him.  This man was an asshole, but the right kind of asshole that certain women wanted to fuck and have fun with and then never see again.  This man was perfect for a random fling in a hotel room at dusk so she could have an orgasm that wasn’t self-induced.

Lauren wrapped her legs tightly around him and squeezed.

He picked her up.  He actually picked her up in his arms with his cock buried in her pussy and her legs clenching his waist and fucked her standing at the side of the bed.  Her feet kicking the curtains and sending them into a ruffled mess.  Her arms around his neck and her lips finding his.  The rest; the tongue, the moaning, the teeth grazing each others mouth, it was all heavy and fast and made her spin.

Brian watched as his hand sunk to his waist.  His slowly hardening dick was coming to attention even without being stroked.  Watching Lauren as she was flung through the air into his arms was intense.  Hearing the sounds she made was erotic.  He had to steady himself or his enjoyment of this evening was going to end a lot sooner then there’s did.

“You like that?  You like being fucked by a stud with a big dick?”

She kissed him to shut him up.  She liked him better as a mute.  A great body with a big cock and no voice.  The perfect man for the situation.  For this situation, anyways.

Brian’s eyes felt like they weren’t even blinking.  He focused on her and his hand pumped slowly over his erection.  She buried her face into the nameless mute’s shoulder and bit across it.  Her long brown hair hung down over her face and when she lifted her head she caught a glimpse of her husband, naked from the waist down and stroking his cock under the table.  His eyes were locked on her and his expression was almost glazed over.  It looked as if he were watching something on TV and he was mindlessly jerking to it.  She felt like his own private porn star.

And she loved it.

After a number of minutes fucking her standing at the side of the bed Lauren was dropped onto her back and the man with no name was right on top of her.  His admirably large cock pushed deep inside of her needing and wanting cunt.

She screamed out in ecstasy.
She thanked the gods.
She cursed and her fingers dug into his skin.

He was fucking her.
She was being properly fucked.

His strong thrusts started to line up with Brian’s stroking, but Brian wasn’t imagining himself fucking his wife.  Brian was fully focused on another man’s cock inside of her and that’s what was making him hard.  Her moans because of another man’s dick pushing places his never could were bringing him closer and closer to an orgasm.

What finally pushed him over the edge was when Lauren grabbed the man by his face, dug her nails into the back of his neck and whispered loud enough that Brian could hear, “kiss me while you make me cum.”

The man with no voice smirked his kiss against her lips before pushing his tongue in her mouth.  It swirled along her’s and she kissed him back with authority.

Then her legs clenched tighter than she had since she was in her early twenties.
And her lips broke free from his kiss and her head shot up.
And her nails did everything they could to break his skin.
And she screamed out, “oh god fuck!”

The man’s thrusts grew violent and hurried until he also groaned a loud cursing pleasure and buried his face in her breasts.  He suckled her nipples as his cock emptied into her pussy.

They both fell back onto the bed, him off to the side of her.

Brian was nearly passed out, his eyes slits staring at them.  The post ejaculation feeling starting to set in.  Lauren was ruminating in her post coitus glow.  She didn’t want anyone to speak after cumming.  They had agreed on that before.

The man waited a few moments and caught his breath.  He rose and dressed and made his way for the door before taking one last look back at the bed and smirking.

I did that, he thought as young conceited men do.

Brian was nearly asleep, as he often was shortly after sex.

Lauren was too, and for once she was going to sleep well.  They both would.